These Mobile VR Games Are Damn Interesting

Oculus Rift has announced the winners of its massive competition to create mobile VR games, the Mobile VR Jam, with over $US1 million in prize money.

First place in the competition went to SteamCrew VR, who take the $US200,000 grand prize.

In SteamCrew VR, you and a friend cooperate to pilot a steampunk submarine through dangerous waters. Find someone in your community with a second Gear VR to join up on the same wifi network, and be ready to holler “guns aimed”, “slow down, that’s a rock!”, and of course, “FIRE TORPEDO”!

Second place went to The Night Cafe, putting players inside a Vincent Van Gogh painting, and third went to Drift, giving players the perspective of a bullet in a firefight.

Representing Australia, Defiant Development's Atop The Wizard's Tower is among the best entries, with a Bronze finish. Scrolling through the top entries makes for very interesting reading.

Check out the winners here.


    Something that keeps bugging me about all these VR game ideas is that they are just First Person games where your head replaces the mouse. I know that's sort of the point of VR but nothing has given me that moment of "Yeah, this game just couldn't exist outside of VR." Perhaps it's something you need to experience to "get" but so far I'm not really seeing any reason for VR other than it being a way for more dedicated players to have an "immersive" experience.

    Well yeh that is indeed the idea of VR.

    Using the headset for look already takes away vestibulo-occular proprioception. Causing people to feel sick or creating a game reality barrier.

    Much else would likely require a player to remap their sensory system.

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