This Bloodborne Photography Is Beautiful

It's funny, while we never really talk about From Software games as technically gorgeous, like say The Witcher, their art is so wonderfully unique and dense with detail. That's why these Bloodborne photos are so glorious.

What I love is the moon. How the moon changes. How it completely dominates the atmosphere of the world. It's something I often forgot about as I played, but these photographs do a great job of directing your attention to it.

These photographs are wonderful, and do a great job of explaining why we're all so enthused about the new universe Miyazaki and From Software have created with Bloodborne

You can see more of these photographs here.



    These games look like they have a world I would really want to explore, but I can't stand the gameplay so I never will.

    INB4 filthy casual.

    I'm currently playing Dark Souls 2: SotFS after obtaining platinum trophy on Bloodborne. This article is just making me miss Bloodborne more than I already was.

      Me too. When I started playing Bloodborne I was hoping it wouldn't be too 'horror' because I don't really like the genre. I persevered after a few jump scares were thrown at me in Yharnam and found that I grew to love the atmosphere and the creeping dread of the gameplay. Still GOTY for me, as I pass 100 hours in Witcher 3.

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