This Game's Boss Has One Trillion Hit Points

This Game's Boss Has One Trillion Hit Points

I'm a bit at a loss for words on this one. In the upcoming game from Compile Heart, Makaishin Trillion, you're up against a foe that has a trillion hit points.

The game's premise is simple: you play the part of a demon lord who has been resurrected to save the demon world (I think they're refraining from calling it "Hell" to avoid controversy) from a being called Trillion. Trillion is gradually making its way towards the heart of the demon world, destroying everything in its path. After advancing a certain distance, Trillion enters a state of hibernation during which you have the chance to level up your allies to prepare for Trillion's next awakening.

Check out the trailer for the game with English subtitles below.

A trillion hit points... That is seriously a fuckton of hit points, and certainly adds to the monumental task at hand. Just for context, a trillion seconds ago, Earth was in the early upper Paleolithic age. You know, that time from where we're finding the earliest of human genetic records.

Makaishin Trillion is scheduled for release for the PS Vita in Japan on July 23. No word on a Western release.


    the hp doesn't matter if the player is hitting for hundreds of millions of damage...

      Exactly. The raw amount of HP is irrelevant. What's relevant is the average amount of damage the player can expect to inflict with a given attack or over a given amount of time that provides meaning. We have no context.

      Last edited 19/06/15 4:35 pm

        1d3hp punch damage...

          But punch damage is only subdue damage.

        Disgaea comes into mind. It does not matter that he has a trillion HP if the damage dealing is as

    Yeah well, my dad will beat-up his dad any day of the week!!!

    In Clicker Heroes I can do 5.000.105e damage, would that 1shot this boss? I don't really know what number that is but it seems big.

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