This Is A 14-Foot Starcraft II Map. Made Out Of LEGO

So on Saturday morning I made a truck out of LEGO with my two-year-old son and I was so proud that I actually took photos of it. This 14-foot Starcraft II map made out of LEGO just hit me with a dose of pure perspective.

Yep, it makes my truck look like complete shit. I am sorry son. I will do better next time.

You can check out more photos here

Via Reddit


    Came here for the photos of the truck, was disappointed with other Star Craft ones.

    Incidentally, I helped build Rapunzel's tower with my daughter on the weekend...... did not take photos.

      I also came looking for truck photo's lol.

      My 18 month old is past the point (I think!) of wanting to put Lego in his mouth. But doesn't quite have the finesse to play with his older brothers Ewok Village without knocking bits and pieces away.. probably on purpose lol.

      Duplo BatCave to the rescue! I don't think this has been complete for more than a few seconds, but thats part of the fun I guess.

    I saw some of the things on display from the local Lego Group here at Melbourne Comic Con. Some nice dioramas. Nothing on this scale though (probably impossible to transport that starcraft one.)

      The Evil Dead diorama was a nice touch considering Bruce was at the con. But yeah nothing too OTT crazy.. I went to some Lego thing in Moorabbin last year - they had some huge Star Wars scenes set up and massive towns..

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