This Is Marvel's New Movie Spider-Man

This Is Marvel's New Movie Spider-Man

Marvel said they were going young for their next on-screen Peter Parker. And they have done it, casting Wolf Hall star Tom Holland as the wall-crawler with Cop Car director Jon Watts helming the upcoming production.

The news came from Marvel today, a day after they said that their main Spider-Man book would be starring Miles Morales, the Black & Latino teenager created for an alternate universe. Marvel recently brokered a deal with Sony to use Spider-Man in their cinematic universe and the character will be showing up in the studio's upcoming slate of films.

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      Yeah, Steve Ditko drawn of gtfo, amirightbro.

        Well I'm partial more to Romita.

        Everyone is going to know is mofo is Spiderman from his big ass mole. When he reveals his identity in Civil War everyone is going to be like Austin Powers

          To be fair though, when he's Spider-Man he wears a mask, so no-one will see it, thus protecting his identity.

            what if they try to do the spiderman kiss? mary-jane will be too distracted!

    He looks sufficiently nerdy, I give it my official pass.
    Carry on.

    19 years old, geeky looking, pasty faced, will look wirey in the suit... perfect.

    Didn't the last guy get canned for being a dick or something? I remember a minor scandal, something about Spiderman.

      Nope, Sony didn't make enough 100s if millions so everyone got the sack.

    God, how boring. The third reboot in less than 10 years, telling the exact same damn story? What a waste of everyone's time.

      Yeah, don't know if I'll bother with the next standalone Spidey film, don't really want to have to sit through another origin story.

      Although, if it has J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, it'll be an instawatch.

        THAT should be the spinoff series they do instead. I would watch the hell out of a JJJ-man movie.

        You can't fool me, you'll be there on opening night.

          Better yet, you'll have somehow secured early screening tickets again, ugh!

            I'm actually going to be IN the film. Keep an eye out.

              You are a dead ringer for the Rhino, it was only a matter of time

                That's one thing I hated about the last Spidey movie, was all hyped up keen to see Paul Giamatti as Rhino, and he was in it for all of a couple of minutes. Very disappointing.

                  Definitely shouldn't have bothered, same issue with 3, too many villians fucking about, achieving nothing.

                Right? Rhino's redesign as a totally cute girl with great hair was such a good idea.

                  I like em big n round. N bouncy!

                  (As close as I can recall lyrics for Baby Got Back, I really should have looked it up first. Is that even the song's name?)

      It's been handed to Marvel studios to do because if their excellent films.
      Marvel have said they're going to fast forward through the origin shit & get straight to establishing h in the current Marvel cinematic universe.
      which is goddam good news.

      I'll miss Garfield though, he's great.

        Yeah, me too, I miss reading Garfield comics over breakfast.


        In all seriousness though, I kinda liked Andrew Garfield as Spidey. Much better than Tobey Maguire at any rate.

        That said, saw a trailer for Maguire's new movie "Pawn Sacrifice" the other day, and I must say it looks pretty good.

          I only ever saw him in the Imaginarium if Dr Parnasuss or whatever it was called.
          he was good in it

      It was bad enough by the end of the first trilogy. The second start over was also shit. I wasn't even going to watch it but a friend had rented it.

      In their (ever so slight) defence, I believe they've stated previously that they'll skip the origin story for this one, seeing as everybody and their mum already knows it. I wouldn't be surprised if they just showed it in the opening credits in a comic book panel style, not unlike the last Hulk film did.


    FFS how many fucking spiderman's will there be?!

      To be fair DC have done the same thing with the Batman movies, Michael Keaton>Val Kilmer>George Clooney>Christian Bale>Ben Affleck.

      Personally I'd like to see a Spider-Pig film.

      Call me when they catch up to 007

    Should have picked Bruce Campbell...

      God, gimme that grizzly reboot any day.

        Hail to the Spider, baby.

        Perhaps "Shoot smart - Shoot EOS Smart" - Totally works because Peter takes pictures for a living.

        God, not i'm thinking of all the BC quotes I can reformat into spider man...

    I have a notorious hatred for Spider-man 3. Like, so much. Not the emo Spider-man and his dumb hair and dancing, that's, you know, whatever. There are two scenes that make me go mental whenever I even think of them.

    The part where Harry and MJ are in the park watching Spidey be a media dweeb, and MJ says to Harry she wishes she got wanged in the head and had amnesia (or some such), and Harry taps her on the head and goes, "Bop". The other part - also with these two wieners - is when they're in his kitchen making eggs and do the twist.

    Goddddd whoever wrote those - I hoped their houses burned down on Christmas.

      Goood.... Gooooood!
      Let the Hatred flow through you!

      Yeah I walked out of the cinema when that kicked in. The reboot was MUCH better I thought

    Unless he attempts the upside down spidey kiss.
    They'd spot that mole from a mile away.

    I'm only going to watch this one because it's in the MCU and not another Sony Spiderman please-give-us-more-money film. I will tolerate this so that he can become an Avenger. Still, I was hoping that they would go with Miles or, even better, Spider Gwen for the MCU version. I guess that was way too much to hope for.

    Spiderman was always my 1# favourite hero from Marvel. I didn't like the Andrew Garfield movies, and prefer the Toby Maguire ones, I will more then likely see it ether way.

    I'l reserve judgement until I see him on screen. But I also reserve the right to throw popcorn at the screen if the performance is pathetic.

    For the record - Garfield was miles better than Maguire - but it was clear Sony were just clutching at straws instead of really investing in the character in the latest 2.

    Well, he gives me that slightly irrational desire to punch him in the face that the previous Spidermen have, so I guess he fits the bill.

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