This Sony President Is Really, Really Good At Bloodborne

Shuhei Yoshida is the President of Sony's Worldwide Studios. He's also a stupidly massive From Software fan, and counted Dark Souls and Demon's Souls as his favourite games of the last generation. So his being a massive fan of Bloodborne makes sense on many levels.

The fact that he's so goddamn good at it makes less sense.

On Japan's NicoNico livestream, Shuhei Yoshida was invited to come along and play Bloodborne live. He opted to play the Cursed Pthumerian Defilement chalice dungeon, and was recorded fighting the Watchdog Of The Old Lords. If you've fought this boss — I haven't — apparently it's ludicrously difficult and is known as one of the most brutal boss fights in Bloodborne.

And Shuhei Yoshida just totally coasts through it.

I mean seriously, live. With all the pressure. Nerd cred on the line. With hordes of fans watching, just waiting for him to screw up. To completely destroy one of the game's most difficult bosses in that environment — that's pretty cool.

I'm impressed. I couldn't even beat The Cleric Beast first time in our Kotaku livestream.

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    Are we sure it isn't his PA? :p

      lol! Yeah. I mean, the face is his, but the ;hands? ... For all we know, one of the developers is using the controller. Plus he could have his very own Sony Exec god mode ...

        "If I die during this demonstration, From is finished...FINISHED."

      Yes. Shu Yoshida is a pretty awesome guy.

        True. Not taking away from his accomplishment but I heard him on the Playstation podcast saying that he was stuck on that boss for ages and then started watching youtube vids of it. To be honest, once you find out the trick either from youtube or otherwise, it is a piece of piss. The only danger is if you aren't paying attention and it charges you. Apart from that you just stay in front of it until it goes into the vomiting animation and you can go around the side to get some free hits.

    There are no trees, @sughly NO TREES!

      lolol! There's no way this fight is harder than the Pthumerian Descendant in the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice, that guy is relentless. I had a kinda hard time with the Watchdog, but nothing like I did with the descendant.

      Last edited 09/06/15 12:18 pm

        i'm gonna throw my blades and they gonna hit you through pillars whether you fucking like it or not

          And when theyre the double blades, its basically one hit kill if youre that little bit too slow!

          Oh yeah. The very short wind-up animation for the throw is a killer, especially if you can't see it from behind a pillar.

        I agree. That guy is pretty simple until his second stage, but then BAM. Massive wall of difficulty slams down, right on your face.

          Yeah I was pretty consistently getting him to his second stage, but it took me a while to figure out how to finish him off. I'm not sure if I celebrated more after beating him or Gascoigne. Probably this guy. Even used the record video feature for the very first time I was so excited!

    Honestly it's not that difficult it's the hp cut that hurts you. if you've already fought watchdog the tactics don't really change, just don't get hit.
    soulsborne are only really difficult for the first 2-4 hours and slogging back to bosses after a death.

    I never thought I'd have so much respect for the President of a large multinational corporation.

      To be fair, his multinational corporation is not as large as it used to be.

        But it's still a multinational corporation. It's not like he's the president of Books and Stuff

    Man, this battle. One of the best, and the hardest. I was so thrilled to get past this dungeon.

    Re this battle: not sure I'd describe it as a coast. Not to downplay the amount of skill you need just to win, nor the amount of awesome this guy is, but he struggles through it in exactly the way you're supposed to :)

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