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In terms of big, major video game releases? This week is sort of a wasteland. Actually, July is a wasteland. Don't worry, there's still a bunch of weird stuff on Steam!

Including Anna's Quest, made by Kotaku Australia's very own Sughly! Good luck with the Steam launch!

Anna's Quest (PC)

What is it? Hey it's that adventure game by Kotaku reader Sughly, AKA Dane Krams! Whoo! Should you care? You should definitely care. Gorgeous art, well voiced, well put together. Genuinely good.

Devilry (PC)

What is it? Some dynamic haunted house thing that is just a big fat nope. Should you care? Looks good and fairly polished.

MiniOne Racing (PC)

What is it? It's a Micro Machines style thing. Should you care? Doesn't look all that polished or even good. I'm saying no.

The Last Dogma (PC)

What is it? A weird first-person shooter. A dark comedy adventure thing. Describes itself as rough around the edges. Should you care? I'm interested in this because it's clearly the work of one passionate dude trying to make something different. Could very well be terrible though.

Quiplash (PC)

What is it? A party/word game thing where people vote on the funniest answer to certain questions. Urgh, worst description ever. Just watch the trailer! Should you care? Looks kinda fun and interesting. Cool tablet/phone integration.

ROGUS - Kingdom of The Lost Souls (PC)

What is it? This is a 2D scrolling beat em up thing where you play as a wizard. Should you care? Sure, look like fun. Hardly world changing, but why not.

Unpossible (PC)

What is it? A kind of twitch, racing game. Looks a little like Rez, but also is kind of an endless runner thing. Has a terrible name. Should you care? Yeah, I guess. I'm non-committal on this one

Is anyone picking anything up this week? Let us know!


    Im gonna call it, Anna's Quest 10 / 10 Would quest with Anna again

      Anna's still packing. 3 days until release. :(

    Ar Nosurge Plus, HyperDimension Neptunia 3 and Whispering Willows are all out on Vita this week.
    Also, once Konami and Sony figure out who screwed up, Suikoden III should be out this week too for the AU and NZ territories.

      Ooo, I hope they do a Vita Neptunia Rebirth Trilogy pack eventually! I'd really like to buy the Rebirth games but I've bought MkII and V on PS3, haven't played them yet.

    BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND & Onechanbara Z2: Chaos 'Banana Split' Edition on PS4 for me this week.

    Thanks for the love Mark! Hope anyone that picks it up enjoys it and let's me know about it ^^

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