Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Looks A Lot Like An Old Tony Hawk Game

So here's the thing: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was all over the shop. It went to some weird places. After Tony Hawk Ride there was a sense that the series needed to go back to its roots, and that's essentially what Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is.



It's almost as though we'd collectively forgotten what a Tony Hawk game looked and played like.

Now that I'm watching the latest footage of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, I'm starkly aware of how old fashioned it looks. It was make to look old fashioned by the Skate series and I'm not sure going back to that old formula, in 2015, is going to cut it.

The above trailer: I'm super torn about it. On the one hand it elicits a genuine nostalgia for the old Tony Hawk games, which I was obsessed with. On the other, it looks old. It looks janky. The physics don't ring true. It looks like a game that will frustrate the hell out of me.

I hope to be proven wrong.


    But that was the point right? Tony wanted it to feel like the old games. I thoroughly enjoyed Tony Hawk 3 and 4 so I'm pretty excited, especially because I didn't really like underground.

    I know what you mean Mark, but I also know what it feels like to play that jankiness - pretty damn good. I'm still excited for this.

    Where's Skate?!
    I was hoping when Tony announced they were making this they had noticed the hole in the industry that skate left and had wanted to emulate their success as a bit of a reboot to this franchise but... BUT... I was wrong as usual. Cheap as update on the old formula/mechanics... I'll buy it for $20 on PSN?

      Skate all the way. Bit more tactic to pulling off tricks than the THPS series.

    This honestly looks like a ps3 game you'd find on the online store for $20.

      Yeah, the fact they're looking to charge full odds for this one is ringing some alarm bells. I HOPE it's good, but it might be a "wait for EB sale" game.

        They aren't charging full price. It's $70 on EB's site.

          your and my definition of full price are different.
          i wouldnt pay $70 for that. as im sure you probably wouldnt either.
          id pay $40 max.
          but like most people i will probably wait for a sale.
          i hope they do a PC verison.
          and i hope they let you turn off those flashy skate board effects, they look annoying.

            It's a budget title. If EB are selling it for $70 then everywhere else will sell it for $50 or less.

              I havent seen this game listed anywhere below 79.99. Im in canada and I know our dollars crap atm and im generally excitied for it but there's better things for me to spend $80 on. It just doesnt look worth $80

                ^ this.

                I am disgusted at the pricing these companies are forcing this year. Next year it will be $100 at this rate. Anything made by Activision, ubisoft or EA is $79-89 EVEN FOR DIGITAL, yet games like Just Cause 3 and Witcher 3, made by decent devs with soulsz can stay at the 59-69 range, right where it should be with the dollar probs. Disgusting greed and it will never stop as long as the sheep keep buying the same COD every year regardless of price or lack of content - they get away with it every year so now EVERYONE has sold their souls.

                I am pirating everything other than Fallout 4 and JC3. And I guess waiting for this game to bomb in the reviews and drop its price.

                Really can't underscore my outrage enough. The video games industry is being eaten alive. The worst part is these whores don't even need it. It's as if they lose money every year!!! They're worse than politicians giving themselves raises every couple years then saying moneys tight so time to raise taxes.

                Disgusting. Shameful. Wrong.

    This looks exactly like the old games, just with slightly better graphics.

    I want Skate 4, not this.

      Is it just me, or are nearly all of the maps used for the in-game footage in that video remakes of classic stages from THPS 1 & 2?

    The formula for a Tony Hawk game was created in 2000 and they flogged that horse for over 10 years. We all look back and think about how great they are (and they were)... but yeah forking out todays top dollar for that exact gameplay doesn't really cut it.

    I am keen for Skate 4 though, the flow of that engine is a lot more replayable to me.

    At 2:44 why is the button blurred on screen? Tap *blurred* to activate

      It's probably Xbone footage.

        Ahhhh... so THAT'S why it looks like a decade old game!

        Fears allayed! I'm sure the PS4 version won't look like a PS2 game. ;-)

        Last edited 25/06/15 10:50 am

    I think Skate has changed people's expectations for these games but Tony Hawk's is a strange beast. The weird, janky physics they've shown here look exactly like the sort of nonsense that made the old games fun.

    Yes, the games are dated. I don't mind, sometimes a certain itch needs scratching and that's what this should do.

      absolutely it has, for me at least. tony hawk was my jam back in the day but as soon as i played skate there's no going back to the snappy grinding and rigid tricks

    wow, this looks super underwhelming. This looks like some PS2 level shit.

    hard pass.

    if this game makes me reminisce THPS 1 & 2, and at a good price point, im sold.
    i still loved the spiderman character from tony hawks pro skater 2. ahhh, the first game that gave me thumb blisters.

    I will buy it because nostalgia.

    Skate annihilated the THPS series.

    Well, this looks awesome to me. Tony Hawk lost me after THPS4, and I could never, ever get into the Skate series. I appreciate what it went on to achieve, but they were never for me. This looks like a return to form for the THPS franchise. The arcade elements look like they're here in full force, and that makes me happy.

    I pull out THPS2/3 really, really often, and I don't think they feel dated when it comes to gameplay whatsoever. Sure, they're not as sim-like as Skate, but they're still fun. Instant pick-up-and-play goodness that anyone can jump straight into.

    Company: "Behold this new innovation of your beloved frachise!"
    Players: "Ewww , this sucks! Go back to the old days!"
    Company: "Alright, here's a new game that plays and feels like the old games you love and want!"
    Players: "Why are we paying for full price for this shit? It's too old, do something new with the franchise!"

    Moral of the story? Players don't know what they want, except to complain about everything; and the company never seems to get anything right... Ever.

      While that is completely true, there's also a third option: Take what was successful about the initial stuff people liked and build on it in a smart way. Fallout 4 looks like a prime example of that, it's more of the same, yet at the same time is so much more, not just a graphical upgrade.


      Your rant reminds me of Roger Myers Jr on the Poochie episode:
      "You kids don't know what you want! That's why you're still kids; 'cause you're stupid!
      Just tell me what's wrong with the freakin' show!"

    If you close your eyes it sounds like they're interviewing Steve Carell.

    "We're looking to replicate the skate park experience".
    So there's a dude selling weed, dicks sprayed all over the bowls and a homeless man living underneath the vert ramp.

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