Ubisoft Announces New Sword Game, For Honour

Ubisoft Announces New Sword Game, For Honour

Ubisoft showed off a brand-new game today full of dudes fighting each other, For Honour. It basically looks like Ubisoft’s take on Dynasty Warriors?

If you’re still not sure what Your Honour is, even the developers haven’t really categorised it.

“I haven’t actually been able to really put a name to For Honour’s genre,” Vandenberghe explains. “It’s close-quarters melee combat. ‘Shooter with swords’ is something we’ve been throwing around, and it’s pretty accurate. People have tried to call it a MOBA, but it’s not really a MOBA. It seems a little like one when you look at it, but it doesn’t play that way at all. I think what’s going to happen is we’re going to release the game and then our audience is going to name it. I think they will be the ones to really name that genre.”

Ubisoft Announces New Sword Game, For Honour

What we do know is that players have a deep amount of control over swinging their sword:

Using the new Art of Battle system, you will have full control over the placement of their weapons. You can attack and move around just like you normally would, and then you can also lock onto a single opponent and enter into a dueling mode. The second you lock onto a target, your right stick goes from controlling your camera to controlling your stance. If you flick to the right with your stick, you move to hold your sword or shield on the right side.

The game’s multiplayer was showcased at E3, but it will have a singleplayer campaign, too.

If you sign up over at Ubisoft’s website, you can apparently be one of the first to play the game, which I’d assume means a beta test is coming eventually.


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