Ubisoft's E3 Conference Liveblog: Assassin's Creed Guvnah!

Okay, liveblog number three for the day. What will Ubisoft have to show for itself this year?

Personally I hoping for more mockney than I can handle.

Also: you can watch the conference here!

8.00 Okay... almost there. Looking forward to maybe being surprised by something.

Also, weird one: I want Grow Home on consoles.

8.03 Oh man, I totally forgot that we have whatshername presenting. She's great. Best E3 presenter person of all time IMO. YEAH I SAID IT.

Also — more South Park, this is a good thing.

8.06 Aisha. That's her name. She's good. I like her. She says funny things but isn't overbearing and forced.

8.07 I love this guy, the most French man that France has ever produced.

8.11 Oh man, this guy is PUMPED. He is pumped for a new game about killing people with swords and whatnot. He is pumped for doing violent things of that nature. SO PUMPED.

8.14 Bloody E3 crowds always with the cheering of the dismemberment.

8.15 Okay that's For Honor. Looks pretty interesting. Demos at E3 tomorrow. That's pretty cool. Not too sure how it'll work. These games (slashy things) typically don't translate too well to multiplayer. Maybe they've solved some problems?

8.18 Okay so there was a The Crew thing. I went to get some water because I am thirsty... for video game trailers.


8.22 Okay, so we have The Division.

What's gonna be in the dark zone? ZOMBIES?

8.26 Man, Ryan is a big douche. Screw you Ryan. Or Bryan?

Whatever you are a BAD PERSON.

Betas starting early next year for The Division. I thought it looked pretty good. Not too sure about it. Gonna be released in March 2016. That's a little bit sooner than I expected.

8.32 Oh, it's a new Anno game. Pretty cool looking. I liked the trailer.

8.35 Goddamn I love this song. For real! I can't stop listening to it. NO SUCH THING AS A GUILTY PLEASURE.

8.39 I honestly, unironically like that song, but that was pretty garbage.

But: a streaming service for a music based game. I like it.

8.42 Okay, let's get things back and running with Rainbox Six: Siege. I am kinda excited for this one. Just like the simple idea of attack and defend.

8.44 Man, I don't know why they're not showing the game. The game is there! Angela Bassett is cool. But there is a game.

Oh, okay, they're gonna show the game now.

8.47 Yep. This is good.

8.50 This game looks super good, but man. That unrealistic team chat. It's killing me. Real life: a guy sipping on a slurpie, another screaming racial abuse and a guy listening to Limp Bizkit on full blast.

8.55 These presenters have some serious hats. Hats everywhere.

Also: this looks great. I miss F-Zero so hard I might just play this game.

Also also: I like it when E3 demos screw up a little bit, makes it feel real and legit. I will play this game on consoles.

9.04 I'm really not a fan of these cinematic trailers. What's the point at this stage? The game is there, it's playable. Just bloody show us the game! Jesus.

9.12 Okay, Ghost Recon. I love video games and I love video game things, so a large part of me is excited by what I just saw, but also it's kinda like... how many of their games are about being elite military men shooting bad guys. It's serious overload. Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, even The Division feels a little like that. That's too many from one publisher for me.

Anyway, that's it for me. I'm going to eat some porridge. See you all for Sony at 11am! Have a good one people!


    If they don't get Michel Ancell on stage to present a Beyond Good and Evil trailer, I'm going to bed.


    I'm hoping for ZombiU 2. Or Red Steel 3.

      I want those things so badly, but Ubisoft is the crusher of dreams. Every e3 they chain my heart with the eagle then the bear.

      Last edited 16/06/15 8:17 am

    Need to get Beyonce to teach him how to dance and sing at the same time.

    Last edited 16/06/15 8:36 am

    Someone needs to loosen this guys underpants. Why no-one got up to dance totally astounds me...

    Oh, it was Jason Darulo(?) Derolo(?) Darude(?). He says his name enough I should know it. But yeah, I liked him at the A-League grand final last year. Technically I liked everyone booing him

    Ubisoft don't seem to have a lot to offer. I just want to see what state AC is in

    Ok, I love Trackmania. Ubisoft have 1 decent game so far

    can more gameplay demos be like this. just sit down and play the game without all the pageantry

    Limp Bizkit? What year did I wake up in this morning?

    Can we just see some gameplay? Yeah, they can dress up AC all they want but need to see some gameplay and not an E3 trailer.

    Well that explains why the accents are still horribly horrible, Canadian/French guy making it

    So either Playstation has a monopoly on Call of Duty news this year or there simply isn't any. Actually just watching the post show, they seem to be actively avoiding talking about it (which is awesome).

      Er, isn't that Activision?

        yeah I know, just bringing it up

          Seems little reason to mention your competitors?

            aye, but microsoft didn't bring it up, there doesn't appear to be any web adverts or big pics of hanging black ops 3 stuff nor have they mentioned it during the streaming show

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