Umbra Comfortably Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Well... That escalated quickly. Umbra, the isometric "Skyrim meets Diablo", has reached its goal of $US260,000 with 12 days left to go on Kickstarter.

The still-underway Kickstarter has stretch goals to add things like a multiplayer Hero Defence mode (think Horde mode), and a playable female character with separate campaign and story.

We've recently shown the game on a stream. With all that fire, frost, & lightning, that piddly little sword kind of looks ineffectual.

CryEngine branding seems to be everywhere on its Kickstarter page, to the point of the developers each being listed as veterans of "a CryEngine Licensed company". Oh, well. If they're getting more assistance because of it, good for them.

And man, these Kickstarter pages just seem to get longer and longer. The game has already been Greenlit and frankly looks amazing for the size of the team making it.


    I backed the game after reading the first story posted here and I'm excited for it but I'm a little disappointed with the Stretch Goals. I contacted the devs about the chances of a playable female character and they mentioned interest in the idea but needed more funding which is understandable but an extra $100k seems like a bit much. It seems like something that would add to the game/lore more than the kickstarted exclusive items offered in the previous stretch goals. I would have liked to see a higher priority on the female character as well as more 'interesting stretch goals.

      Have to agree with you there. I was a little surprised to see it at the bottom of the list! It sounds like they've got big plans for it if it happens, so we'll see I guess.

        Hey Junglist,

        Hoping you'll take a look at our kickstarter, Pixel Starships. It's an 8Bit Spaceship Strategy MMOPRG (yes that is a handful) by a bunch of Aussie Indie devs. Haha @ the comments, it definitely caters for female characters, early access and 8bit retro gaming! We are inspired by the likes of FTL, EVE and Homeworld and trying to build something much more awesome and fun (and not as mainstream as clash of clans).


    I really am disappointed with kickstarter and things like early access, I really saw it as a opportunity for great companies to make really creative games that normal publishers would restrict, afraid of taking a chance on something new. While there has been some small glimmer of that in a few examples, most seem to be revives of relics such as wasteland or a attempt to mash popular games together like Diablo meets Skyrim. Or a slew of games that are the same in a attempt to cash in on current pop culture such as zombies.

    Don't get me wrong however revives of old games are great but I hoped companies would look forward and try for innovation rather then look back. Its a sad state for gaming if the 90's were the golden era for gaming... I was a 90's kid and loved games from then but games are such a new and fresh medium.

    Most good dev teams have been bought by publishers such as EA or Ubi, I hoped that those companies would of taken the chance to start anew with a "spiritual successor" of sorts... Looking to gamers to fund there next project giving them almost free creative rain. You here so many stories of companies being shot down with great idea's for years before they finally talk a publisher into taking a chance.

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