Upcoming Secret Baldur's Gate Reveal Is Not So Secret

The enhanced editions of Baldur's Gate I and II from developer Beamdog reinvigorated the series for old and new fans alike. While not based on D&D, Pillars of Eternity provided a glimpse of what can be accomplished when old-school RPG meets modern technology. If you've been craving more, Beamdog has another surprise in-store. Well, a sort-of surprise.

If you pop over to the Baldur's Gate website, you'll see a timer counting down to 9 July. In the background is a blurred logo, though the alternate text for the image (viewable either via the site's source code, or by hovering over it) contains the words "Adventure Y".

Adventure Y? What could that be?

Turns out Beamdog's Ben Arledge wrote about Adventure Y back in January of this year. Built on the Infinity Engine (yes, the same one used for Baldur's Gate), Adventure Y will "[bridge] the gap between Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition".

Arledge's post originally linked to screenshots of the game, but they've since been removed, with the exception of this tiny one:

Yep, not much to see here. It's sufficient to say that come 9 July, Beamdog will take the wraps off of Adventure Y and we'll learn more about exactly what we can expect in terms of characters, plot and gameplay.

Baldur's Gate [Official site, via Reddit]


    Screenshots ( low-quality) still here : http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Baldur-Gate-Development-Check-Out-First-Screenshots-69360.html

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