Uwe Boll To Everyone: 'F**k You All'

Uwe Boll to Everyone: 'Fuck You All'

Movie director Uwe Boll is upset, because you didn't give him any money. You selfish bastards.

In a new YouTube video titled "Fuck You All," Boll lashes out for people who would rather fund "retarded wizard in the forest" movies than his project Rampage 3: No Mercy.

Uwe Boll, famous (infamous?) for his movie adaptations of video games, first tried to crowdfund Postal 2, the sequel to his cinematic adaptation of the Running with Scissors game, on Kickstarter in 2013. He failed.

Boll's Postal 2 Kickstarter only raised $US29,977 of his $US500,000 goal.

After that, Boll tried to crowdfund Rampage 3: No Mercy on Indiegogo. He failed, raising only $US6375 of the $US100,000 goal.

He also launched a Kickstarter for Rampage 3. There are only three days to go. It's raised €22,677 of its €50,000 goal. Maybe this YouTube meltdown will help! In the past, Boll's talent has always been securing funding, even if he does come off as slightly unhinged.

Sorry, slightly?





    Fuck off.

      If he'd make a good movie, and not continue to taint the adaptations of video games for a nickel, maybe he might have better success. Only movie of his I remember enjoying was Alone in the Dark

    Kickstarter has failed

    No. Your attempt via Kickstarter failed as with the others. And again, it's to do with the man in the mirror.

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    There was a Rampage 2? Or a Rampage?

      there was, though they are not game based but actual movies. Jim sterling did a movie defence force review of the first one and found it to be not shit or terrible but decent

        Jim Sterling defended a Uwe Boll movie... Well, there's another undeniable piece of evidence that Sterling is an idiot.

    If he'd had a Kickstarter to raise a few hundred grand to fuck off and never make another movie again, he would have raised the money easily. But now he's gonna do it for free anyway? Bonus!

    Didn't he make one of those retarted "wizard in the forrest movies"?

      Yup, http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0460780/

        That movie had some great fights. Some of Statham's best work. He even shows off some boot, which is a bit unusual for him.

        They were utterly out of place, and essentially medieval power rangers, but they were still fun. The rest of the movie not so much.

    Uwe boll, let us list your crimes against both movies & gaming:
    1. You have made terrible films
    2. When making those films, you exploited a german film tax loophole, where YOU didn't pay the game developers to get the rights to their product
    3. You then used as little of the film budget on the actual film, whilst taking away the majority of the budget and adding it to your own wealth
    these crimes then make you as corrupt as fifa officials in the the latest fifa scandal

    "I want to do Rampage 3 becuase it is an important movie" hahahahahahahahaha that's gold

    YAY hopefully no more shit coming from him.

    Perhaps now we might actually get some good game adaption movies.

    I like how his asking price keeps getting lower, I think if he persists he may get successful funding asking for a pie and drink

      Let's be honest... even that is asking too much for a Boll shitfest.

      I am so happy he didn't get his hands on Halo.

    Maybe if you actually made a good movie with respect for the source material and less for pure tax evasion (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZOby9yQAOM ) then you would have an easier time getting the money for future projects.

    Maybe if he didn't make shit movies his campaigns would have been more successful?

    The postal movie he made was actually pretty good, Was exactly what a postal movie should have been. 90 mins of pure retardation. Was the only game he ever did justice tho. the rest were painful.

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    Ahh, I'd always felt kinda sorry for him. I always figured... it would kind of sting to try really hard and never get the credit. And even if the video-game adaptation movies weren't, uh... to my taste, at least he was making them. Videos like this kind of dampen my empathy a tad.

    I fucking love Uwe Boll. The only two movies of his I like are Tunnel Rats and the first Rampage (EDIT: And Bloodrayne, so that's three), but I don't care, I love him. I love his attitude, I love his anti-Hollywood tirades, and I love the fact he just doesn't give a fuck. It's awesome how he can stir the pot the way he does. The world needs more people like Uwe Boll :)

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    I'm confused.
    Hasn't every movie he's made, based on a video game, essentially been a "Fuck You" ?

      Yes, especially if you're a fan of the game or just like coherent movies.

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