Uwe Boll To Everyone: ‘F**k You All’

Uwe Boll To Everyone: ‘F**k You All’

Movie director Uwe Boll is upset, because you didn’t give him any money. You selfish bastards.

In a new YouTube video titled “Fuck You All,” Boll lashes out for people who would rather fund “retarded wizard in the forest” movies than his project Rampage 3: No Mercy.

Uwe Boll, famous (infamous?) for his movie adaptations of video games, first tried to crowdfund Postal 2, the sequel to his cinematic adaptation of the Running with Scissors game, on Kickstarter in 2013. He failed.

Boll’s Postal 2 Kickstarter only raised $US29,977 of his $US500,000 goal.

After that, Boll tried to crowdfund Rampage 3: No Mercy on Indiegogo. He failed, raising only $US6375 of the $US100,000 goal.

He also launched a Kickstarter for Rampage 3. There are only three days to go. It’s raised €22,677 of its €50,000 goal. Maybe this YouTube meltdown will help! In the past, Boll’s talent has always been securing funding, even if he does come off as slightly unhinged.

Sorry, slightly?

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