Vice City Looks Beautiful With GTA V's Engine

Vice City Looks Beautiful With GTA V's Engine

Modding and rebuilding all the old maps from the Grand Theft Auto series are getting easier on the PC version of GTA V thanks to a smart method created by modder NTAuthority. The latest proof for that is a superb remake of Vice City's memorable map.

YouTuber taltigold's video shows an early version so it's still a ghost town (a ghost town that felt huge back in 2002), but otherwise it looks beautiful:


    That map, that soundtrack, so many memories flooding back. Vice City was just spot on in so many aspects

    can we please have it?
    vice city, and san andreas, same missions, same everything, just updated with the gta 5 engine
    will pay good $'s

    They really need to work on reflective mapping on the windows. Great effort, the textures need a lot of work though.

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