Virtual Schoolgirl Demo Now With Added Westerner

Virtual Schoolgirl Demo Now With Added Westerner

In Summer Lesson, there’s studying, singing, and head shaking. Lots of head shaking.

The last time we saw Summer Lesson, we were in a Japanese schoolgirl’s room. There was oso much leering learning.

This time, we’re just hanging out, it seems and not really even feigning that much studying.

This VR tech demo is for Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. It’s made by Namco’s Tekken Team, so we’re pretty sure these ladies can kick our arse.

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    • It’s at about the same point in the Uncanny Valley as the old FF: Spirits Within movie – which is to say, still in it.

      • Might be a different experience if you’re seeing it in 3D though.

        Actually probably creepier.

      • Never considered FF:SW to be in the uncanny valley, especially when you see the creepy robots and other CGI characters that are famously so.

        Take the ladies from MOH: Warfighter, now that shit was freaky wrong

        • I found the characters in FF:TSW to be edging out of the Uncanny Valley, but still in it. Which is about where this one is. EVerything just a bit too smooth and perfect.

          Compared with most of the characters from Witcher 3, which are very nearly true-to-life.

          • I found it put it’s foot back in when Aki cries, it looked like a pained smile with weird lips. Otherwise the style didn’t invoke a fully human direction, at least for me.

            I think Witcher 3 is a bad example of avoiding the uncanny valley because it isn’t pursuing photo realistic humanoids so much as a refined evolution of the aesthetically pleasing comic style.
            I think that many realised there was a limit of how close one should push the fully human look and instead just improved on the peak.

            I have no doubt that many suffer from the feelings attributed to the uncanny valley when seeing certain CGI, but I think a single graph no longer suffices with differing styles.

  • With the uplifting song and positive phrases (“She’s right there beside you”) they’re making out like it’s some kind of wonderful life affirming experience but the reality is that we all know where this is going. The uncanniest thing is that they’re trying to take the sleazy out of porn.

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