Wargaming Is Bringing Master Of Orion Back From The Dead

Wargaming Is Bringing Master Of Orion Back From The Dead

Video: Wargaming is bringing classic strategy series Master of Orion back from the dead with a full-fledged remake. There’s a brief trailer out, but it doesn’t feature any gameplay.


  • I predict there will be excitement about this? Never played the originals but have heard they were stellar.

    • The first two were great. The third was a spreadsheet simulator that should be erased from existence. As for Wargaming? I don’t trust them enough at the moment to do the game justice. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • I don’t consider any of their games to be particularly good. Their existing stable of games are all fairly simplistic, at times arcadey team-based combat games, their only past foray into TBS games was the forgettable Massive Assault series, which bombed in ratings after the first game in 2003.

          Master of Orion is a very different beast, much more thoughtful and complex in comparison. It’s good to hear that they have some of the original team onboard, but I’ll keep a healthy scepticism until we start seeing more details and hopefully some gameplay footage.

    • There’ll be excitement, but I was realising last night that other than Rock Band, all the games on my want list this year are Fallout, a Civ:BE expansion, X-Com and this. Apparently what I really want is for all my favourite turn-based games from 1996 to be made again.

  • Could be interesting. It would be interesting to see if they balance the ‘blackhole generator’. That thing was seriously OP’d. Nothing like getting the fastest engine and putting the blackhole generator onto the smallest ship possible. You’d then build about 300 – 600 at a time. Battles would start you and you could teleport anywhere on the field and 1 shot most groups. Friends used to try and make the big ‘mega cruisers’. They’d never last more than 1 round. By the time they realized their mistake, I’d conquer most the game and I’d be pumping out a zergling number of ships.

    • I never played the first one, but have played MoO2 regularly since ’97 and still play semi-regularly. Seriously the pinnacle of space-based 4X games.

      I’d love to see it just take the good bits about Moo2 (most of the game), whack on a modern graphics engine and tweak the mechanics to fix the games issues (balancing weapons and race attributes, fixing the excessive micro-management, longer building queue in the colonies).

      This would be my perfect game.

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