Watch Me Play Steam's Most Promising Dinosaur Game

Watch Me Play Steam's Most Promising Dinosaur Game

Ark: Survival Evolved looked almost too good to be true when I reported on it, but is the hyper-ambitious dinosaur game any good? Let's find out. Tune in below.

Now, a disclaimer: Ark's servers are packed, and I may not be able to get online today. If that falls through (or after I've played Ark for a while), I'm probably gonna stream a little Lego Worlds, a bit of spooky first-person adventure Homesick, and/or top-down F-Zero-esque racer The Next Penelope.

Watch below, and as always, join the Twitch chat unless you're a jerk with a backed up out-of-order toilet for a mouth.

UPDATE: Stream's over! You can watch a recording below. Spent the whole time playing Ark, which is pretty fun despite feeling kinda light on content. I went from scared, naked man with a torso the size of the King Kong movie franchise to a "master" of the land who hunted 10-ton dinosaurs with a slingshot. Go me.


    Erm are you trying to shoot a t-Rex with a bow and arrow?

    Hrmm... can we please get rid of the auto-playing videos? I've seen them appearing with more frequency in articles lately. It's not just about bandwidth.. but that is a good reason as any.

    Now on to the video itself.. looks pretty nice. It reminds a lot of Planet Explorers.. is it by the same developer? Would be nice if that tail actually hit you and sent you flying.. and climbing on the end of the tail would be awesome..

    Not sure what to think about the game.. that's already two missed opportunities for something innovative in a market filled with these types of games..

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