Watch Sony's E3 Conference Right Here!

It's the last big one of the day! The Sony E3 conference. It's also the one that falls neatly into an early lunch break slot, so I'm expecting a big crowd for this one. What will Sony announce? I can't wait to find out.

Also, kindly check out our liveblog of the Sony conference here!


    Wanna see something special Sony - I'm not really expecting anything so would like to be "wwooooowwwwwed"...
    Doubting it. E3 feels a little lack lustre this year

    PS4 will now support media support via USB! lets hope for MKV!


      they'll probably announce DLNA support too.


        That's also part of the functionality, yes.

          Yeah i just saw

          I'm still in some form of disbelief, i didn't think they'd ever implement it.

    thats it E3 is finished, its done. 5 minutes into playstation's conference and its done

    Let's have a drinking game. You have to drink every time they say the word "Vita".

    We're all gonna be stone cold sober by the end of this.

    Why does "Keyti" look just like every other trailer for No Mans Sky though?! If its a new planet wtf?!

    I think Shenmue III just crashed Kickstarter.

      Legit cannot get on the page with it kicking back for Kickstarter's front page.

        You can get to it now, it's nearly at 50% funding already, it'll get there by the end of the day.

        Last edited 16/06/15 1:11 pm

    So within an hour of each other we had The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII & Shunmue 3 (re)announced. That was something.

    They are talking Oculus right now... with Palmer.

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