Watch The Bethesda E3 Conference Here!

E3 used to officially kick things off at around 2am on a Tuesday morning. Not this year. Bethesda is kicking things off with its E3 conference and you can watch it all here!

Time to get super excited about Fallout 4 and (almost certainly) Dishonored 2!

Also — feel free to check out our liveblog here!

Let's get cracking.

Edit: Some people are suggesting the YouTube stream is better, so I've updated it. Whoo! Thanks Trjn and Alex!


    Yay... an hour of the twitch stream constantly stopping and buffering.

    Content blocked by your organization

    This Websense category is filtered: Internet Radio and TV. URL:

    I guess I should do some work then. *sniff* :'(

      Can you YouTube?

        Only embedded YouTube. I've got a code generator that takes the ID code and makes an embedded webpage for me, but I can't go directly to a video.

        Soooo, if you could Tweet me an ID code I've got something to work with but I don't want to keep coming to this page and upping my number of blocked requests. :P

          Like this?

          EDIT: Whoops, that was the NWC stream...updated...

          Last edited 15/06/15 11:31 am

    Wish I could have taken the day off. Would have loved to watch this live :(

    Everyone is looking at me weird because I'm grinning like an idiot and clapping my hands.

    I don't care. It's FALLOUT 4!

    Does everybody in the audience have PipBoys strapped to their arms?

    What's got 2 thumbs and is getting this game (on his birthday) as a day one player?

    *grins like a fucking idiot and points thumbs at himself* THIS GUY!

    November 10th can't come soon enough. Actually it can, there's plenty of stuff to do in the meantime. But still!!!!!!

    Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb? X-Play confirmed?!

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