Watch The Microsoft E3 Conference Here!

Alright, the Bethesda thing was neat and all, but it's time for E3 to really start. Microsoft, as always, is the first of the platform holders to have their conference, and you can watch it live here!

Also, we're running our very own liveblog, which you can check out here!


    Backwards FUCKING compatability!

      something that it should of had in the first place

        100% agreed. But bette late than never, and even better that it's free and not streaming like PS4

          but i want to know why they can do it now and not at launch? if its a hardware issue i would have gotten that but if its a software issue i feel betrayed that they would keep this feature, that they said was impossible, from us

    Everyone else remember how backwards compatibility was impossible? Utter cunts........

    Still, credit given where credit is due, it was a much better show than last year.

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