Watch The Oculus Rift Press Conference Here

Watch The Oculus Rift Press Conference Here

You don't need no fancy goggles to watch today's Oculus Rift press conference, where the Facebook-owned helmet peddlers will share some new details about their much-hyped VR device.

Maybe they will tell us about the price, or the release date, or how they will turn what appears to be niche hardware into a mass-market device that's viable for long-term gaming. Hopefully they will tell us about some cool new games they have got planned for Oculus in the near future. Should be interesting either way.

The event starts at 3am AEST. Watch here:


    Well, they showed the Oculus Touch controllers, the thing on a stand is just the camera, full details here:
    Interestingly it will also come with an standard Xbox One controller.\, and allow you to stream XB1 games to it.

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