What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Playing video games after E3 is always a bit rubbish. Bugger off The Witcher 3, you aren't No Man's Sky! But still, it's raining outside. It's bloody miserable and this weekend seems like a good one to just close the curtains and disappear into some weird universe.

So, despite the fact it isn't No Man's Sky, I'll be playing The Witcher 3 probably.

Or maybe Splatoon. I played it for 15 minutes last weekend and was a bit meh. I think I need to give that one a bit more time to be honest.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Probably LEGO Lost World, but I just found out that EA has their Access thing free for XBOX Live Gold members until the 22nd (US). I might take a look through that when I get home and see if there's anything worth rushing through this weekend.

    Cranking up Fallout NV again! I'm so on the hype train.

    More Witcher 3...

      So... much... Witcher... 3...

      I've definitely played at least 50 hours so far and I work full time and study full time. WHO NEEDS SLEEP AMIRITE HAHAHA

    Probably some Elder Scrolls Online or Destiny. Definitely feeling that post-E3 "What do I play?" turmoil. Might even jump back on GTA V or aim for some more trophies in Witcher 3. Nothing seems to match up to that game...

    Oh, and heading to Supanova on Sunday! So probablt ignoring games and finishing my Fury Road costume.

      YEAH, SUPERNOVA! Thinking about getting back to The ELder Scrolls Online but probably just gonna keep playing Borderlands, Left for Dead, and Dota.

        Supanova was so great! Got to dress as Mad Max. So much fun.

          I have it coming up on Sunday, can't wait!

    Witcher 3...

    But I am tossing up if I want to get Lego Jurassic................................................... decisions decisions

    Picked up The Last Of Us (PS4) for cheap last week in the PSN sale, so I'll keep working my way through that... still such a great game. Once it's finished, The Witcher 3 is probably next in line.

      Did you already play it on PS3? If so, what are the differences that strike you most?

        Yeah, already finished it several times on PS3. PS4 version the main difference I noticed is the textures generally seem to be higher resolution than I recall them being on PS3, especially noticeable up close. And obviously it's all a bit smoother running at 60fps. But really, it was an amazing looking game on PS3 to begin with, so the improvements aren't enormous or anything. It was a great game on PS3, it's still a great game on PS4. And being on sale on PSN at the moment ($31 or so for PS+ subscribers), I was happy to buy it again at that price to play through the PS4 version, especially since it includes all the DLC from the PS3 version (including the single player expansion).

          Your 2 games are pretty much my favourites from the last few years. Go you!

    The Talos Principle. Because Steam Sales.

    Finished Shadow of Mordor this morning before work, which gives some indication of how much I've been playing it the last two weeks. Great game, terrible ending, I'm all gamed out for now.

      QTE final boos fights should be banned. Dying Light and Far Cry 3 pulled that crap too. It's just so... underwhelming.

    Crusader Kings 2, since re buying it during the sales and watching some youtube tutorials I've become hooked. I just managed to over throw the king of england so now I'm the king of Ireland and England. It was his own fault, we were allies but he decided to try and claim the county I had in Wales and I had a claim on his throne through marriage so decided to pay him back.

    The king that did the conquering died right after taking over England though and right before he died I used him to execute all the english counts/dukes/earls/ex king I had imprisoned which has pissed off the locals. My new kings going to have a tough task holding England when everyone is forming groups now to oppose him.

    I still have the witcher 3 to play too but I've struggled to get hooked on it.

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    I think it'll be Witcher 3 for most of the weekend.
    Maybe some Dead Rising 3, or back to MCC to finish off ODST.

    Well, I finally finished Witcher 2 last night. So I can scratch that off my unplayed backlog list.

    Still playing MKX. Was hoping my copy of FF14 would arrive this by this weekend, but oh well.
    I started FTL and I'm worried about playing that again since I stayed an hour and half up later playing it last night.
    Might find another game from my backlog to start. Maybe finish Fire Emblem (no I won't). Or even start my Halo 3 review.

    Also have D&D on Sunday. There's also a Warmachine event on Sunday but I don't feel like driving 2 hours to get there.

      :( wish i knew people in perth that played DnD, so hard to find people that like it without venturing into the deep dark nerd dens :P

        One of our players is a hot and sexually active girl :P

          Ha! good to know :/ ?

            Yes. Cause that means dark nerd dens don't exist!

              Haha they do so! but it is however possible to find players elsewhere, just obviously not in my group of friends :'(

    Perhaps a little Density with friends. Mostly it will be Ratchet & Clank 2 along with finishing Suikoden II. Depending on how that goes I might start up Operation Abyss or Chrono Trigger.

    I'll be playing Horizon: Zero Dawn

    (in my dreams)

    In reality I'll be playing Witcher 3 for the foreseeable future, although I'm about 6 hours into Persona Q and quite enjoying it so far. My first Etrian Odyssey style game and it is bringing back memories of Eye of the Beholder's first-person grid-based movement.

    Witcher 3. Have leveled to 20 but the quest list is still massive. Starting to worry that there's another 60-70 hours in this. Spread out over 2 hour (kids asleep) sessions, I'll be lucky to finish it by September!

    Witcher 3 when I can and I'm going to check out Dirty Bomb as well.

    Just picked up Metro Redux cheap on the PSN sale. May give that a go or more likely get whipped in the crucible with Destiny. I have an urge to play Evolve again but only if I can pick it up cheap.

    Ebgames had a pretty good E3 trade-in deal so traded in a couple of PS4 games and pre-ordered Star Wars: Battlefront. My bad...

    Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward's early access period starts this evening! But I probably won't start playing until tomorrow due to the usual release server shenanigans and being out tonight.

    Mostly likely Bloodborne, Bloodborne and more Bloodborne.
    I have been making such progress after being stuck on the Grand Cathedral Hunter for so long (end of Eileen's quest, I know it's optional but I'm a completionist). Since then have just mowed through a whole bunch of bosses, and am up to the nightmare frontier now.

    I may fire up Destiny, or play some LittleBigPlanet with my partner as well. And I've been meaning to fire up ESO again to play with a co-worker.

      I never got the pleasure(?) of fighting the Chikage hunter. Instead I had to fight Eileen because I somehow forgot to talk to her when she was hanging around near Oedon Chapel and consequently also got locked out of fighting Henryk. I'll do those in another playthrough when I revisit the game next :-)

    My wife and I have informally taken a break from Destiny this week. We might get on for the Nightfall/weekly over the weekend but I think for the most part my wife is going to grit her teeth and bear her way through Tomb Raider. For some reason she's finding the gameplay really clunky and difficult to manage so she's really struggling with it on normal difficulty. I find this astonishing because she's usually a lot better at games than I am and I found Tomb Raider fell more on the side of fun than a struggle.

    Anyway, while she's busy being mad at Tomb Raider I might play some stuff I picked up in the Steam sales. I briefly toyed with Uplink which I am keen to give more of my attention. I'd also like to burn through Grim Fandango Remastered and refresh my memory as it's been such a long, long time.

    More Witcher 3, more Destiny. 50 hours into Witcher, level 19; I think I'm through the Novigrad questline, but still heaps of stuff that needs doing in the area. And 3 more Prison bosses in Destiny before my warlock can collect the Queenbreaker's Bow. \o/

      You moving fairly quickly through the game? Saving side quests for later? I've just hit level 11 after finishing the Bloody Baron questline (almost, still got to go back to Crookback Bog with him). I've played about 90 hours or so.

        I kinda rushed through Novigrad, and I regret it - had one sidequest fail because I finished the main Novigrad questline... never again. :3

        So, not really playing quickly, just moseying about, exploring a bit, doing whatever quests I find as I hit the suggested levels. For some perspective, Prologue took me about 8-9 hours, got through the Baron's questline around the 43 hour mark thanks to exploring. Still have a bunch of areas around Velen to explore, and 90% of my current quests/contracts are 5-20 levels above me, so I'm in no rush to head to Skellige just yet.

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          I'm worried because a few of my sidequests are getting below me in level. The lowest is about 4 levels below me, but I haven't been wasting time doing points of interest or anything. I'd say I've only done about half of the points of interest in Velen, if that. I'm all for the easier combat (I'm playing on Death March) but hopefully the quests will still be interesting even if my Geralt turns into a powerhouse.

            I've been doing every sidequest I come across that isn't more than three levels above me. From a levelling point of view, it seems like (at least on second-easiest difficulty) main quests are levelled so you don't really need to do sidequests at all to be level appropriate for them, but you end up missing out on a lot of backstory if you take the critical path... so I don't think there's a good way to play the game without being overlevelled for some of it.

            Story-wise, both main- and side-quests are always interesting; gameplay/challenge-wise... less so... but it makes the occasional tough boss battle that much more memorable. As long as you take the witcher contracts before you're too overlevelled, you should still have fun with them - it's no fun to wander in and take two-thirds off a contract's health in the first few strikes. I've got 10+ witcher contracts that outlevel me quite significantly, waiting for me to catch up, so if you're worried there'll be no challenge anywhere if you level too quickly... the contracts should keep you covered, even if the other quests don't.

    Still hooking through the Witcher 3, not long into Skellige, just had the very bazaar unicorn moment. Also probably some more Heroes of the storm but lots of motorsport on this weekend (F1, WSBK, world rallycross & V8's) so that's going to eat into my gaming time. Probably also go see that dinosaur movie at some stage.

    Will be maining Lego Jurassic World. Once that's finished I'll probably continue with Arkham Asylum. There'll also be the usual AdVenture Capitalist and Clicker Heroes here and there, maybe a bit of Banished and/or You Must Build A Boat too.

    A lot of little games I bought in the Steam sale I'd like to try out too. Good thing I've got two weeks of leave.

    Ark... patches are rolling in fast and the game is next generation

      Yeah, these devs are really doing Early Access right. Loving this game right now but Argentavis raids are getting old.

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