What The Inside Of Famous Monsters Looks Like

What The Inside Of Famous Monsters Looks Like

A Natural History of the Fantastic is a book that takes a bunch of the world’s most popular monsters and mythical creatures — from trolls to imps to angels to mermaids — and shows us what they look like on the inside. It’s all very scientific, of course.

What The Inside Of Famous Monsters Looks Like

The book provides “detailed anatomy, artifacts, and biological histories” for each of twenty creatures, taking a very serious approach to the question “centaurs, how do they work?”.

What The Inside Of Famous Monsters Looks Like

The book’s up on Kickstarter.


  • Book: Centaurs don’t eat with their mouths.
    Me: So how do they eat?
    Book: Moving on…

    • I may be wrong, but leg length oesophegi….I think they eat with their feet?….

    • It goes on to say that the esophaguses are in the legs…and that generally links the throat to the stomach. Given they feed on tough prairie grasses, the only remaining assumption is that they absorb grass through their feet.

    • It says they eat with their feet, did you actually miss that or just ignore it because “leg-length esophaguses” sounds ridiculous?

      • Don’t let fact get in the way of a good joke!

        (I sped read it like 3 time, I guess I fucked up)

        • I don’t get why they even added that bit. There’s nothing in their anatomical diagrams to suggest that there’s anything other than standard horse anatomy in those legs and it just needlessly complicates the design with features that make no sense on any level.

  • If you like this, I also reccomend “The Resurrectionist” by E.B Hudpeth. It’s gorgeous art, and includes a bonus, weird, backstory.

  • Do i need to be that guy that points out that the creature in the first pic is not a dragon, but a wyvern?

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