When You Call The Batmobile, You Get The Batmobile

Briefly: When you call the Batmobile, you get the Batmobile. Maybe you parked on the roof? No problem. The Batmobile will make it work.


    Heard bad press about the batmobile sequences and stuff but from what I've seen/played so far it actually works really well especially after you get some of the upgrades.

    Game does an excellent job of making the whole super hero thing immersive but I do miss the slower sneaky pace of some of the earlier games.

      Yeah it works well.

      Speaking of bad press, what % of articles are now 'Briefly: ?

        It's really an issue from translating from the US format of Kotaku to the aussie one. Here' it's more of a traditional blog, over there it's closer to a tumblr feed where you wouldn't have to click into an article like this.

          However we see a 78% bounce rate on this site

    I like to take advantage of the spawning system for the Batmobile and rather than take the extra time to drive the long way around to a new location I just launch myself up into the air, land where I want to be, turn the camera to the ground then summon it. It respawns right next to me.

      It's pretty cool that way, you can summon it where you need it. I've been pretty impressed that it always seems to come from where I parked it too.

        If you're looking at it or have detective vision on, then it will actually drive all the way around the environment to get to you.

    i didnt mind the batmobile its good, i think if they made the Batwing playable it would have been messy!
    the only thing that annoyed me the most was the waste of all the playable characters, i have to wait for 6 months to play DLC for each one of them, better be more then 5 minutes like the Harley Quinn DLC...

    Getting past the initial LT Tank mode instead of brake has been my biggest hurdle with it. Other than that the batmobile has been pretty good.

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      For what it's worth, after you visit Gordon at the GCPD for the first time, you can change that. Go to the menu > settings > set Battle Mode to toggle. Means you just have to click R1/RB to transform. Boom, no more awkward holding LT.

    nah, the batmobile is one of the most entertaining characters in the game when it mildly glitches out and does weird stuff. Sort of like Roach in Witcher 3

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