Why Final Fantasy XV Has Impressive... Food 

Why Final Fantasy XV Has Impressive... Food

The meals in Final Fantasy XV look delicious. And, guess what, the reason why the food looks so appetising is the tech behind it.

"To bring home the appeal of the food, we're incorporating new shaders that give each element of a dish its own lustre and firmness," said FFXV character artist Yuki Matsuo. "We're hoping to create cuisine that looks so good players can taste it."

Why Final Fantasy XV Has Impressive... Food

Final Fantasy XV food that Kotaku previously posted sure looked yummy:

Why Final Fantasy XV Has Impressive... Food
Why Final Fantasy XV Has Impressive... Food

The above GIF was from the last Final Fantasy XV tech demo. You can watch the full clip below:


    God dammit Square... this isn't the stuff that's important.

    Gameplay, story, interesting charactors... that's what matters.
    No one's going to give a shit about how the food looks if we're playing a 40 hour tutorial, for a completely incomprehensible grind fest!

      ^ This.
      Didn't square recently have a conference where they looked at the original FFXIV and pretty much say it failed because they were more focused on things looking pretty than they were the user experience? Where did that wisdom go?

      Lies! I will buy the shit out of foodsim 2016.

    Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) anime has allowed me to discover that gorgeous food porn enhances everything. EVERYTHING.

      If FFXV is anything like Shokugeki no Soma we don't be seeing it here in Australia...

      It'd be too delicious in another sense to get past our classifications board o_o

        Food porn with both meanings of the phrase.

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