Windows 10 Will Be Out Next Month

Windows 10 Will Be Out Next Month

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be out late next month.

July 29 is the big day (at least for PC and tablets), with the OS available both digitally and in stores.

Remember: in a break from the company's previous launches, existing users of Windows 7 (SP1) and 8.1 will be able to upgrade for free.

There's obviously loads of new stuff coming along with the OS, but most of you will just be happy to have the old start menu back by default.

Those wanting to get in line and setup their upgrade before July 29, notifications are now appearing in people's taskbars.


    Let's hope it works by then. Right now I get a few crashes and some parts don't work as they should.

      Affer trying win8, I'm going to wait quite a while b4 jumping on it. Win7 still floats my boat quite adequately.

        You know what? Windows 8 was a mistake, but windows 8.1 is leaps and bounds above what people make it out to be. Yes, there's still no start menu and the tiles do look ugly, but then again, even Android is redesigning their icons to resemble tiles somewhat. It's a look we will have to get used to.

        However for my job, accessing disk management, device manager, administrative tools has never been faster and those under 30 second boot times are great for those who are impatient.

        I had decided to wait till windows 10 as per Microsoft's pattern and now I get it for free. Lol

          I have to agree that 8.1 runs extremely well, I was really happy having it on my laptop for a while (especially over 8) but there's still so many little things that drove me insane. E.g. Why are there 2 separate 'settings' menus?!

          Even in that respect, it was way better than 8 though so hopefully 10 will continue fixing the little annoying bits and keep/increase the performance improvements.

            My prediction is windows 10 will be what windows 7 was to Windows vista, what XP was to ME

    Will wait until at least SP1 unless there's a time limit on when you can upgrade for free

      Time limit is one year for upgrades from Win 7 & 8.

      They've said they won't be doing traditional service packs this time, just lots of small updates.

      They have't done service packs since Windows 7.

    The reserve thing keeps popping up on my PC and laptop... No thanks Microsoft, I think I'll wait and make sure it's not a buggy mess before I get rid of Windows 7 :P

      Yeah, this is my line of thought too.
      Granted, I only use my windows PC these days for any games which wont run on Linux, but I'd prefer to take guaranteed stability over a shiny new OS.

      Win10 does look good though, so I'd definitely like to update as soon as people confirm stability with a range of old/new games. I'll leave that to other people though, the days of guinea pig testing are behind me :p

    I will not be getting windows 10 for about 3-5 more years. I want the ability to remove most of windows applications out as the OS is about 30+ gb as where my windows 7 is about 7gb. That and the amount of bugs and issues that will come out. I just uninstalled that update that come with it so i never had to enter any information for it.

      The bugs and issues get fixed with Windows updates, as a rule of thumb. It's impossible to make an OS like windows 100% issue free. Waiting

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