World Of Tanks Experimenting With Game Modes In New 'Domination' Event

World of Tanks is aiming to keep things fresh with a month-long event, starting today, that changes gameplay for longer, sustained battles. The Domination event will also allow players to use three select top tier vehicles.

According to Wargaming:

The Domination Event features intense 10 minute battles. Three special vehicles are available to use: the AMX 50 B (D), the Object 140 (D) and the Т110Е5 (D), all Tier 10.

Changes to gameplay include respawning tanks, as well as zones on the map where ammunition can be replenished and repairs can be made. A win will now be decided by Victory Points, gained through kills and by capturing flags.

As the below video shows, you'll be able to change tanks before respawning, similar to changing your class in Call of Duty.

It's a fairly sizeable shake-up, and worth a shot for a month. One suspects that if these events are wildly successful, much like the Hungry Jack's Angry Angus, it'll come back in some form. Yeah, that's right, I just compared tanks with burgers. Tasty burgers with jalapenos. So what?


    They have to do something with Armoured Warfare gearing up for more beta testing. They actually have competition now.

    If World of Warships domination is anything to go by the game mode is not a bad idea. Keeps WoT fresh and interesting over the endless PvP where you get knocked out for being the only one playing the objective properly.

    For some reason I really want Hungry Jacks for dinner tonight.

    Last edited 03/06/15 2:36 pm

    Are burger analogies the new car analogy?

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