World Of Warcraft Professions Wouldn't Make Much Sense In Real Life

World of Warcraft Professions Wouldn't Make Much Sense In Real Life

Not that anyone had ever complained about it — in a game where you can loot gems and rifles from boars — but it's still funny to see them in a different perspective.

Here's DarkLegacyComics' take on enchanting. Enchanters in World of Warcraft turn gear we don't need to dust and all kinds of essences and then use that to enchant useful gear with some extra stats. The process is usually just a shiny animation, but... not.. here.

World of Warcraft Professions Wouldn't Make Much Sense In Real Life


    I guess it would have been funnier if it resembled how it actually works in WoW, but it doesn't.

      How doesn't it?

        It doesn't resemble the in-world process: The magical components don't come from smashing the boots, they come from extracting the magical essence in the equipment, and they're not applied by throwing them at something else, it's about re-weaving the magical energy onto an existing piece of equipment.

        It doesn't resemble the game mechanics either: there's no smashing or throwing involved, the mechanics for enchanting are just clicking things. The animation for both disenchant and enchant show magical spellcasting, nothing at all like what's above.

        There are some great comics that outline the absurdity of game mechanics, but this isn't one of them.

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          Calm down it's a comic being funny and poking fun at enchanting.

          Even though I stopped playing WoW, I still read Dark Legacy every week, they always make me laugh and then I realise how it's just describing those I used to play with.. I mean we all had a Donald in our guilds. We just happened to have multiple of them.

            I am calm. He asked why I think it doesn't work, I explained it. I like Dark Legacy too, this one was just a miss is all.

          To be fair, what you have said is as far off the mark as the comic.
          In reality, you click the button, click the item, it turns to dust then you enchant a scroll and put on the ah.
          You make WoW sound way more fantasy than it is :p

            The first part is the in-world explanation, it's contained in some of the lore books lying around the place, though I can't remember which one off the top of my head. It definitely sounds more interesting than what the player actually does =) The second part is the actual game mechanic, which is just clicking things, but they do at least give spellcasting animations.

            As an aside, I think enchanting vellums was the best thing to happen to the profession. Being able to put the enchant on the AH instead of doing it manually meant I was able to sell a lot more enchants than I would have before.

    well actually it does, the character makes the boots, then DE's them for mats to make an enchant...

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