World Of Warcraft's Elwynn Forest Polished Up In Unreal Engine 4

World of Warcraft's Elwynn Forest Polished Up In Unreal Engine 4

Modder Daniel Luchau decided to use his skills and the Unreal Engine 4's power on World of Warcraft. Elwynn Forest needs no introduction: it's a 10-year-old map, and while you can argue if the original graphics are dated or not, it definitely still has its charm. Here, it looks fantastic.

It's pretty easy to recognise everything in the video. There's the town of Goldshire, the Westbrook Garrison (with the proper Hogger Wanted! poster), and all the surrounding areas. The only thing missing are the max level characters dueling and showing of... umm... mounts in Goldshire's main square.


    Looks like a second year project?
    Good start, keep it up.

    Hello WoW 2.0! ...

    3/4 WoW players wouldn't have a PC good enough for Unreal Engine 4/


    I sense with this one that all those who talked against wow are somehow eating there words back if they see this one and might play again. lol

    It's cool to recognise these areas even though I haven't played WoW in 10 years. Although I thought everything got destroyed in Cataclysm or something?

    As awesome as this looks lets not bring this into wow, I dont want the ERP in goldshire to be anymore real than it already is.

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