Xbox One Is Getting Early Access

Xbox One Is Getting Early Access

Wow, this is big. It's called "Xbox Game Preview," and it's starting today with Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark.

The first games coming to Xbox One's take on Early Access are:

  • Sheltered
  • Day Z
  • The Long Dark
  • Elite: Dangerous

It's not up just yet, though. Technically, it launches at 5:30PM PST today.

Both Microsoft and Sony have talked about taking on Early Access-style programs in the past, as outlined in a story Stephen Totilo wrote during E3 last year.

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    Way to endorse the biggest problem facing the game industry atm.

    Wow and we thought game devs were getting lazy and selling unfinished games before, now we just call it early access.

    Isn't the whole point of a console is that it "just works" nothing to worry about no crashes, no glitches?

    A what point should Xbone players just buy a PC and be done with it.

      Well at least we don't have to pay for these unfinished games.

      I think its a good idea, so long as it remains free

        If it remains free then you are correct but I can't help thinking that paid access can only be a matter of time.

        Last edited 17/06/15 1:16 pm

          I'm hoping they learnt from Steam's mistakes... hoping, but not expecting :P

    You can try it free before you buy if that makes it any better.

    If I played a game in its unfinished form and it disappointed me, I'd be unlikely to purchase the final product. Is Xbox early access part of Live Gold or do you have to pay for each game separately?

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