XCOM 2 Coming Out In November For Computers, Not Consoles

XCOM 2 Coming Out In November For Computers, Not Consoles

IGN has the first details on XCOM 2, the secretive project 2K Games has been teasing for a little while now. It’s coming to PC, Mac and Linux in November. Nothing for consoles, at least not yet.

Here’s the first trailer:

The premise has been flipped around in the sequel too.

In XCOM 2, the roles have been reversed, and XCOM is now the invading force. They are hampered by limited resources and must constantly evade the alien threat in their new mobile headquarters. Players must use a combination of firepower and stealth-like tactics to help XCOM recruit soldiers and build a resistance network, while attempting to expose the evil alien agenda and save humanity. XCOM 2 will introduce gameplay features such as procedurally-generated levels, which will make each experience unique to the player, as well as offer a much deeper level of modding support. Additionally, XCOM 2 will offer a variety of new content including five updated soldier classes, increased soldier customisation, more alien and enemy types, evolved tactical combat and more.

What’s up with the lack of a console or tablet version? We’re not sure yet, though IGN claims an explanation is coming in their upcoming story. However, don’t be surprised if XCOM 2 suddenly shows up on every other platform in 2016. It may simply be debuting first on PC.


  • Sounds cool AND it’s being developed by Firaxis!

    It’s ok people, this one’s by Firaxis again!

  • Great! Xcom is probably in my top 5 or 6 games of the last few years. Can’t wait!

    • Tell me about it! I’m going to be locking myself away for a couple of weeks! I’m still replaying the first XCOM!

  • All my Christmases have come at once but I also want a console version Kthxbai

    • The Console versions would be next Christmas dude.
      You’re sorted for two years now. 🙂

  • After the download and install, but before playing, I will boot up X-Com, load up my hardcore game, and spend a minutes silence saluting the memorial wall.

    Seems like the right thing to do.

    Then I will not sleep for three nights because X-Com2.

  • It’s not TFTD but I don’t care, this looks good. The screenshot makes me hope it uses a Valkyria chronicles style gameplay which would be really cool in XCOM. As long as they keep the atmosphere and tension then I’ll play it in any form. PC only kinda sucks though, I liked the feeling of playing it on consoles.

    • These dudes put a AAA game on the ipad because they wanted it as many places as it could be and why wouldn’t it work? Pretty sure it’s gonna be on consoles eventually. 🙂

      (Just like Rockstar have ported pretty much all their games to PC… which is why I’m sure Red Dead Redemption will get there eventually. Eventually. Any day now. Just wait.)

      • I’m hoping when they inevitably remaster it to sell it again on the Xbone and PS4 they will finally let us have it on PC.

  • Awesome.. This is one of the only games that I enjoy playing through multiple times. Looks like they’ve been listening to fans!

  • and i just re-installed xcom and bought Enemy within, goodbye life

  • I’ll probably love it but the phrase ‘procedurally-generated levels’ makes me nervous. Can’t help but feel a game designer would make a better, strategically-rich level than a computer algorithm. Can’t fight progress I guess.

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