Yay, Another Mobile Star Wars Card Game


    Yes... this is exactly what I have been waiting for.... jks right? :P

    Boo, no... Only play card games with sexy art....

    *narrows eyes at EA*

    They're just taking the piss now, right?

    Do EA, just not get what gamers want?

    I hear you love Star Wars, instead of using the Force or flying cool spaceships how about a game of cards? No takers? But the Darth Vader is the King of Spades.

    To make this topic more interesting let's apply Star Wars Characters to the face cars.
    #1 No repeats, although you can argue against a choice.
    #2 No Jar Jar
    #3 Seriously No Jar Jar

    only star wars card game i'll play is pazaak

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