Yay, Another Mobile Star Wars Card Game

Briefly: Yay, another mobile Star Wars card game. Coming later this year, EA believes "this is the Star Wars game mobile players have been waiting for." Unlike Star Wars Assault Team or Star Wars: Force Collection. Great.


    Yes... this is exactly what I have been waiting for.... jks right? :P

    Boo, no... Only play card games with sexy art....

    *narrows eyes at EA*

    They're just taking the piss now, right?

    Do EA, just not get what gamers want?

    I hear you love Star Wars, instead of using the Force or flying cool spaceships how about a game of cards? No takers? But the Darth Vader is the King of Spades.

    To make this topic more interesting let's apply Star Wars Characters to the face cars.
    #1 No repeats, although you can argue against a choice.
    #2 No Jar Jar
    #3 Seriously No Jar Jar

    only star wars card game i'll play is pazaak

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