Yes, Fallout Shelter Is Coming To Android

Yes, Fallout Shelter Is Coming To Android

Android users left out in the cold by the announcement (and release!) of Fallout Shelter, you haven't been forgotten. You've just been reminded that for many developers, sadly, you are still second fiddle.

While iOS users play and enjoy the game right now, anyone with a Samsung/LG/HTC/Sony/whatever is going to have to wait a few months.



    It really is a bit pitiful, most decent indie devs can handle a simultaneous release of games on iOS/Android, yet bathesda drags its heals like it's not missing out on a huge part of the market share.

      Or they were stuck in a fallout shelter and didn't realise there was a newer and better phone OS

      It may be a huge part of the market share, but its not the profitable part. Bethesda knows what it's doing.

        This is a publicity app to boost hype for Fallout 4, getting it out on as many devices as possible is the ultimate objective.

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      Bethesda have guaranteed download of it, especially since Fallout is an extremely loved brand with a good market share already, so they don't need to release across all platforms simultaneously. Those Indie devs don't have that security Bethesda have, so they have to do this, sometimes it results in one platform not being as polished and even having a pretty shit release sadly.

      most indie devs don't have massive global announcement deadlines like E3, and android is obviously the harder platform to code for with all the different hardware available.

      release the Apple version first, get that sweet sweet in-app purchase dollars to pay for the port.

      I think it is actually a legal/financial agreement between Bethesda and Apple.

      There's no way to justify a non-simultaneous release on both operating systems anymore, especially considering Android has the same (or more?) market share as APple.

    So keen for this...hopefully we don't have to wait ages...

    And windows?

      There are apples in a fallout shelter.
      There are androids in a fallout shelter.

      However there are no windows in a fallout shelter.

        Except there are windows in the vaults
        And there are no robots in the form of humans :)

          You know it was a good comeback you didn't have to ruin it with your logic.

    Considering they can't get it to stop crashing on ios where there are very few hardware variations. I can see the android release going brilliantly.

      well i guess I am not the only one having the game crash

        Not crashing for me too. Noticed most of the complaints are either 4s or older and iPad 3 and older

          They did say it only supported iPhone5 +

            Err no.. It's got a base need of iOS 7+ which is iPhone 4 & up, iPad 2 & up, All iPad Mini's & iPod Touch 5th Gen.

            It is optimised to run better on iPhone 5 & up however. So anything with the same processor or better.

              i am running it on a mini, and crashes a lot.

                Curious... Having it crash on the first iPad Mini? Or the newer 2/3 model?

                It runs on my iphone 4, albeit poorly... I know it was intended for more powerful devices, I just wanted to check it out. It's not really playable, unless you're far more patient than I am.

                Surprising that it hasn't crashed for me though.

              Tried it on my sons iPad 2 and its ass on it. 'Optimized for newer devices' would hit the mark better

              Err no.. It's got a base need of iOS 7+ which is iPhone 4 & up, iPad 2 & up, All iPad Mini's & iPod Touch 5th Gen.

              And yet, the app's page says

              Fallout Shelter requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2.

              So if you're having problems with your iPhone4, iPad 3 or iPad Mini, sorry, but the device isn't supported. Not because of the software, but more than likely because of the weaker hardware.

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                You know it does not say requires at least it says compatible with then lists the devices.

                Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

                But anything running iOS 7 can run it, will it run it well? Probably not, and probably shouldn't. But it will run it.

                Also it runs okay on my iPhone 4, it's a little sluggish, but it doesn't crash. It's a fun little game.

                  The very first line on the app's page says "Fallout Shelter requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2."

                Yea, the req on the app page was updated one day after release when they realized that the app didn't work on older platforms. When they launched it said iPhone 4 & up, iPad 2 & up, All iPad Mini's & iPod Touch 5th Gen, and optimized for iPhone 5 and 6. Guess my 40 lunchbox support purchase is kinda wasted since my iPad mini 1 gen crashes all the time (after I hit 24 dwellers I can't even log into my shelter:( ). Meh.

    Windows Phone when!? (hopefully after the Win 10 transition)

      I didn't think people bothered making Windows Phone apps?

    yeah after playing it a fair bit already, I'd really like it on PC, I'd love to have that mouse control.

      Also would like PC release so I can play it on my surface pro

        Surface Pro FTW. Though I'd never get any work done. It would be sat next to me while I wait anxiously for my Vault Dwellers to get back.

        Don't worry, I bet it gets a windows release 3-4 months after everyone on android and IOS have become bored and stopped downloading it. Just like windows will get the pip boy companion after you finish the game and are done with it.

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    You know what else is out in a few months? Fallout 4.

      so you can play Fallout 4 at home and fallout shelter at work

    If I were a betting man, I'd wager that Fallout 4 will come out before this does

    Pulled my old Ipad2 out of the drawer and downloaded this. It does work on the 2 but barely, stutters and crashes alot.

    Works perfectly on the iPad Air.

    I felt shivers up my spine just saying that. Definitely want this on Android, not paying a cent for it until it does.

    Am over this BS, won't be bothering to download at all. Can't even give us a soid release date? and the time frame given is pretty much when the game is due out anyway! I find it hard to beleive that they couldn't afford to have it made on both platforms at the same time

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