Yes I Would Live In This $50,000 Elder Scrolls Basement

Guys, it has a pool table.

Okay, so I have no idea why you would add a pool table to a $50,000 Elder Scrolls themed basement, but still — this is cool and if I had to live in a basement I would totally choose this one.

It just looks... well aged. Sans the TV and afore-mentioned pool table it does look like a place ripped straight out of Morrowind or Skyrim. It looks high quality too. This is not an Ikea hack. This is real deal furniture built from some kind of goddamn wood. Thought has gone into this.

One minor complaint: not enough cheese wheels. Not even close.

Via Reddit


    Why live in an Elder scrolls themed basement, when you can just love in a basement and play Elder scrolls ?


      An Elder Scrolls love basement? I think you've been dabbling in too many of 'those' mods :P

        not enough scantily clad elves or hot tubs for one of "those" mods.

    i will take the Fallout themed one please.

    I mean just think about it, every time you open a bottle you can just toss the cap any where, and it's not being a slob it's keeping with the theme!

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      At the rate me and my mates drink, we would be richer than our wildest dreams in a weekend with all the bottle caps we would collect.

        A friend of mine and myself have been quietly hoarding bottle caps over the last few years just so that anyone that may find our corpses in the future will be rich beyond their wildest dreams. Haven't counted in a while, but it's in the order of around 3,000 at this stage.

          That's an impressive collection you have there. Mind giving me your address in case of all out nuclear warfare?? That should get me a decent vault suit, an energy weapon and maybe a large spiked baseball bat. If gaming has taught me anything it is that these are the minimum items needed to survive the fallout.

    But where are the buckets to place over my unsuspecting mates heads while I rob them blind (or beat them at pool) ?????

    As long as there are plenty of containers for me to store my five hundred 'borrowed' brooms and eight tonnes of wooden and pewter tableware in while I wait for the nearest pawn shop to get more cash from the bank tomorrow.

    One question... are the windows real? or did he do a backlight job with posters to make it look like skyrim landscape (boulders and foliage)?

      It's a basement, so probably the latter.

    Yes, but does it have a fridge? And by fridge, I mean a barrel filled with more bottles of Honningbrew than could be physical possible (I think I have at least 300 in one of mine), cooled by Ice Wraith teeth? And if I buy it, will I come back to it in a few days time and discover a follower sitting on their ass doing nothing productive, eating all my bread and asking if I'm lost?

    I don't get it? Is this actually supposed to look good to skyrim fans? If you are going to go as far as spamming your basement all over social media.. at least make it look like its more than a regular basement with a few trinkets.

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