Yes, This Starcraft Mural Was Made In Minecraft

The above. It looks like any old screenshot from Starcraft, right?

Wrong. This was made in Minecraft and is the largest piece of pixel art ever created in Minecraft — 1,128,960 blocks were used to create this. Mindblowing.

It was created by Thorlar Thorlarian, a Minecraft creator who did this manually, which makes it even more incredible.

This is video footage of Thorlar putting the finishing touches to his creation.

Thorlar is doing this to raise money for charity and gives 100% of his ad dollars from Twitch streaming to the Make A Wish Foundation, which makes him even more of an incredible dude.

Apparently he's planning an even bigger piece of Minecraft-created pixel art later in the year. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.


    I don't believe that was created manually.

      There are programs which you put an image into and it generates the layout for minecraft so he would have used something like that. He may have put all the blocks down though.

      So there is 1126990 blocks according to him.

      He does about 80 blocks in 40 seconds at the start- that's a rate of 2 blocks per second.

      Lets be generous and say he can paint that whole image at a superhuman rate of 2 blocks per second consistently. Lets say he can do that non-stop without eating, shitting, sleeping or doing literally anything else.

      It would take him just over 6 and a half days.

    I want to believe this was done by hand, but the skeptic inside me is screaming "It was done with a third party scanning program!" for some reason due to the sheer size of it and intricacy.

    I'm also a bit annoyed that I can't find the artist's name mentioned anywhere. Not just on Kotaku, but on the youtube description and reddit. An actual artist made that illustration, which took a lot more skill and talent than following a schematic and clicking blocks for half a year, and yet there's no mention of the artist's name anywhere.

    I respect the guys dedication and charity focus, but this article really makes it sound like he actually created the art work.

      Reverse image search suggests it was first uploaded by Blizzard as promotional wallpaper for Blizzcon 2010. It doesn't seem to have ever been attributed to anyone. :(

    Worth noting it's not so much a Starcraft mural as it is a Blizzard villains mural; you've got Deathwing and Diablo in the same illustration.

    I think Minecraft is shit, but I think that creation is off the wall fucking awesome.

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