Zelda's Best Ever Song On Four Acoustic Guitars

Song Of Storms is the best. Just admit it. It's the best song in any Zelda game ever. It's even better when played on multi-track acoustic guitars.

Particularly when played by Tom Winters, who is pretty smooth on the old six-string. I love this.

And before everyone gets angry with me. Best Zelda song is a pretty close race. I also like...

— The Dark World song in Link to the Past — The Main Theme in Skyward Sword — Gerudo Valley in Ocarina of Time

Actually, Tom Winters already did the Gerudo Valley song...


    You're lucky I opened this article with that title, and it was Song of Storms :p

    Damn, his gerudo valley is also fantastic ^_^

    Hmm, took a bit to realise he's a lefty playing a right-handed guitar.

      Or the image is flipped

        Bass line is being played on the bottom strings, lead is played on the top. Unless the image is flipped AND the guitar is strung opposite to usual, he's a lefty etc...



    I also agree with all of the above. ;)

    Last edited 22/06/15 7:24 pm

    Ballad of the Windfish for best Zelda song.

      I would add it to the list mark put up along with Great Sea theme from wind waker assuming the main theme of skyward sword he is talking about is ballad of the goddess.

      How did I forget that one. Damn, you are correct.

      I remember when Nintendo did that round the world orchestral concert thingo, and they played a Zelda medley which included Ballad of the Wind Fish.

      It sounds epic when played through a proper orchestra.

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