10 Great Tips For Rocket League

I love Rocket League. I also suck at Rocket League. If you are in the same boat as me, you might appreciate this top-notch tip video.

Because God knows I need a better strategy than "I'm gonna drive really fast to where the ball is".

Honestly though, these are cool tips. Even driving up the walls to get some sick mid-air overhead 'kicks'. That's the kind of potential thing I'm missing out on. I tend to hang back, and play quite conservatively. Totally gonna try some of these tricks when I get home.


    This has to be the most frustrating and yet most amazing game I've ever played

    1. Hit the ball.
    2. Hit the ball.
    3. Hit the ball.
    4. Hit the ball.
    5. Hit the ball.
    6. Hit the ball.
    7. Hit the ball.
    8. Hit the ball.
    9. Hit the ball.
    10. Boost.

      11. In the situation where none of the above are applicable.

      Hit the other teams cars.

    “I’m gonna drive really fast to where the ball is”
    Yeah I've been doing that too.
    Then I realised pushing the stick in a direction when jumping flips your car.
    Changed everything.

    The simplest thing that most people (myself included) tend to get wrong: Don't fight your team mates. If you're both going in for a pass/shot/defend and they have a better angle, back off and let them have it. Move to a support position or back off to a defensive position and reassess.

      and don't blame your goalie for missing the ball. Sometimes the ball comes at the wrong angles and you're in a car.

        In that situation you should just appreciate that you have a keeper at all.

          Last night I was on defense. The score was 3 to 3 with a minute left. Knowing overtime will be forced I left the goal to attempt to knock the ball into the goal when someone knocked it at just the right angel for it to fly across the whole map and score. Someone started bad mouthing me on his mic. Even though we proved him wrong the next few matches.

    Brilliant game. Played it all yesterday. When you are in the right place at the right time and score a goal a second before the end, it is amazing.

    Play your position. I get so many goals because I hang in the right spot to wait for a cross so I can tap in, while everyone else is killing themselves just to get a hit of the ball.

    It's football, not rugby.

    I want to get this game but none of my friends are interested in it :(

      It has 4 player split-screen, so get it and then invite them round.
      After playing it, they'll get it too.

        Oh right I forgot it had splitscreen. I might try that.

      Haven't played a single game with anyone I actually know. Still the best fun I've had in a long while.

      As someone who hates online randoms Rocket League is amazing fun with people you know and people you don't.

    This is actually some really good advice.
    Apart from that, I think general team work advice applies too (the amount of games I've played where it just feels like under-6s soccer; everyone just running in a straight line towards the ball, no consideration for the position they are playing).

    The best thing I learned from watching other people play is to utilise the roll more when trying to hit the ball. Prior to seeing other people do it I was always trying to turn the car and hit the ball head on to get it going in the right direction, which obviously isn't always ideal.

    Fyshokid (who stars in this vid) is insane - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdVmqssa5v4

    Positioning and Aerial Control are 2 of the most important things for high level play. Playing people play the game like Under 6's chasing a ball makes me cringe.

    Got some interesting games and fun times here if you interested in watching some Rocket League: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxaqbvY3AWI

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