10 Years Later, Star Wars KOTOR II Gets An Official Update

Ten Years Later, Star Wars KOTOR II Gets An Official Update

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic IIthe best KOTOR — just got a huge update, for some reason.

The update just dropped on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. It's a doozy — at least, for a game that's more than ten years old.

New features include:

37 achievements to be earned through gameplay

Steam Cloud saves

Native widescreen resolution support

Resolution support up to 4K and 5K

Support for controllers, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4, along with several others (check the system requirements for details)

Steam Workshop support! We proudly worked with the Restored Content Mod Team to have their famous TSLRCM up on launch day

Oh... and we added a "Force Speed Effects" option in the menu ;)

For those not in the know, the Restored Content Mod is a years-spanning project that aims to return the game to its proper form — rather than the sloppy, stitched together version that was originally released due to publisher pressure and time constraints. The mod adds a handful of endings and the infamous HK Factory — among many other things — and fixes hundreds of bugs. It's a must-download.

The update comes as a surprise, given that KOTOR II hasn't been updated in ages. I reached out to Aspyr Media — who handled the update — to find out why this happened now, but as of press time they'd yet to respond. I, however, don't plan on looking a gift bantha in the mouth, because bantha mouths are gross. Also because KOTOR II is an amazing RPG, and now it's better than ever. Think you'll dive back in?


    did they fix the 5 minute plus transition loading screens that stopped me from playing the game all those years ago

      That's your system. Loads are under 5 seconds on my rig.

    such an awesome series.
    KOTOR was one of the firsts games where i had my mind blown.
    KOTOR 2 wasnt as good in my opinion, it's still a great game

    What are the odds that one of the achievements is for completing an unfinished quest?

    So for best results, get the update as well as the Restored Content Mod?


        Oh, maan. I thought they were saying the update included the restored content :(

        Someone come round my house & show me how to computer, please

          Steam workshop. Find the mod in question, hit the subscribe button and it'll sort it out for you.

            Steam workshop?

              If you click on the game in your steam library steam workshop should be just below the list of achievements. Click on the restored content mod and hit subscribe.

                Yeah, I figured it out, thanks.

                So far, so amazing! :D

    It also introduces Mac and Linux versions!

    Does this still crash on Win7 like KOTOR?

      I actually replayed KOTOR about two years ago and had zero issues getting the original working. KOTOR2 on the other hand was an absolute nightmare to play, thanks to consistent crashes. Might have to give it another go.

      Last edited 22/07/15 12:55 pm

    KOTOR was made a mobile game last year/early this year... would updating the game lead be part of the conversion to mobile of KOTORII ???

    PS3 and PS4 controller support? I know you can get software to get them to work, but don't they pickup as XBox controllers? (forgive my not knowing)

      Yeah, I think they were showing off a bit.

      You need two separate bits of software to run a DS4 control on PC and I can't recall the name of either except that one is drivers for the Xbox control. It's a fairly easy setup though.

        Step 1: Download official Xbox controller drivers.

        Step 2: Download free program called Input Mapper.

        Step 3: Plug in PS4 controller.

        Step 4: Launch Input Mapper.


        Step 5: Profit.

        Last edited 22/07/15 2:14 pm

    Considering EA has the rights to make Star Wars games and Bioware is owned by EA, I always hold hope they'll be kind enough to grace us with a proper sequel to KOTOR.

    Needless to say, I'll be getting stuck into KOTOR II this week :)

      Disney and Lucasfilm DID mention that KoToR is it's own official pocket universe where the movies have no impact when asked if it was canon or not.

      So, EA and Bioware could make all kinds of content for ToR and spin-off games exploring the setting... Because now they basically have total freedom. Cynicism says 'They'll probably just milk ToR because it requires so little effort compared to the profit it makes until it dries up.'

      Optimism, on the other hand, says they could cross-market the spin-off games to tie in with ToR. Unlocking content and junk in either game for owning/playing both. It's not like there's no end to the possible stories and settings you could play with given it now doesn't conflict with anything.

    Wow, Kratos lost a lot of weight and didn't age well.

    Loved these games in the day but honestly? They're too old to play again now. The art form has moved on.

      I played them both the generation after & absolutely adore them.

      These games stand the test of time for me! :D

    Looks like I'll be playing again this weekend.
    And just as I got back into SWTOR too. Good timing.

    I'm downloading this right now, but does the update automatically include the Restored Content Mod?
    Or do I now have to download that from somewhere else?

      it's an additional download that is available on steam workshop

    I remember being blown away by the first one and then being extremely confused by the abrupt ending of the second one. Seriously... Even now looking back at it, I'm still confused as to what even happened at the end there.

    I wonder if this means that KOTOR 2 will get a mobile release similar to KOTOR? KOTOR was surpriingly well done and I played through the entire game again on my iPad mini, so hoping the fact that Asypr has done work on KOTOR2 in general means they also packaged it to run on iOS/Android....

      Just bought a Moga Pro and have been eyeing off KOTOR on Google Play for a while now. Now I don't know if I should just jump in and buy it or wait to see if KOTOR2 comes along in the near future...

    They finally finished it!!!!!!!!!
    I always felt that it must have made Obsidian sad to have to release it the way it was.
    Too bad I'll have to pay for it again to play it, wish I could put the Xbox disk in and have it update itself! At least it looks cheap enough, it's showing me USD for some reason.

    So annoyed that I bought this for my laptop to play while travelling only 1 day ago.... Just before this announcement...
    I bought it on GOG =(
    Guess I'll have to buy it again now.

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