A DRM-Free Sale Where Almost Every Game Is Under $5

The Humble Store is calling it the 'Freedom' sale. They've even made a little Braveheart avatar holding a key.

There are a lot of good games here. And almost all of them are under $5.

As a heads up — a lot of them are the usual suspects. The games that are always on-sale. Like Super Meat Boy for example: surely you own that by now.

But if you don't, it's bloody $1.79. You should buy it. ASAP. It's the goddamn best thing ever.

Some other games that caught my eye...

To The Moon is only $1.99, OlliOlli is $1.94. Pixel Junk Shooter is bloody 94 cents. Wow.

There's a whole bunch of cool stuff in yesterday's deals as well.


    I bought something. You are the worst, Serrels.

      NO! You must save!

      The more games you buy in sales the less money you will have for your retirement! A paradox, yes, but one that can be solved through deep meditations

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