A Game About Supporting Your Family. No Matter What It Takes

A Game About Supporting Your Family. No Matter What It Takes

Family Man looks like it's gonna get really dark really fast — depending on how you play it.

Family Man's premise — you're some dude, you've got a family, you've got to make ends meet — would be the stuff of impromptu comas if not for one little caveat: you'll be able to do anything. Or, you know, mostly anything:

"Family Man is a first person adventure RPG in which your play out the life of a normal everyday guy, Joe Smith. Things don't go well for you and your family as you're forced to make morally dubious decisions to support them."

"You can live your life scraping by, online gambling or working in a burger joint. Or you can turn to a life of crime, stealing from your neighbours or following even darker paths. It's up to you."

There's a full neighbourhood with a simulated life cycle. Within it, you'll be able to do whatever you want. Also, it seems like the neighbourhood's inhabitants enjoy kicking you while you're down, so I'm betting it will be awfully tempting to kick them while they're up — and then kick them while they're down.

Family Man is currently on Steam Greenlight. It's set to come out sometime next year. Do you have what it takes to family? Do you have what it takes to man?

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    I already have this game. It's called real life. It's not very good...

      I'm waiting for the patch that fixes perma-death. Such a stupid thing, losing all your progress because you forgot to look *one time* before crossing the street.

      graphics are brilliant, but the gameplay is boring

        Clearly aren't playing the game right :)

          i've been playing for over 35 years and i can barely work out the controls, let alone what the mission objectives are

            It's a sandbox! Mission objectives are much the same as Day Z and EVE Online. Hoard all the loot, hoard all the friends, and make as much money as humanly possible. Just without the wanton PVP murdering action. I'm not so good at #2 but I'm well on my way to #1 and #3. Just figure out which thing that you want to do gets you the most amount of money and figure out how to get there and go and do it.

    Hi there! I'm the developer of this game. I can confirm you can't get Ebola or die from crossing the street.......yet.

    I love the premise, and the trailer absolutely interests me, I'm just worried the ... what term do we use? Minecraft style? Voxel based? ... people will get on my nerves and detract from my ability to connect with the game / story / message.

    I'll still probably check it out (I voted Yes for it), just concerned for now.

    Looks interesting. I hope someone can help me out there was a game that Kotaku showed a while back that was a minecrafty looking Groundhog Day style game can anyone remember what it was called?

    Last edited 09/07/15 8:47 am

      Is Garbage Day what you're looking for? http://www.kotaku.com.au/2015/04/kill-everyone-go-back-in-time-do-it-again-the-video-game/

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