A Great Creepypasta About An Arcade's Secret Terrors

A Great Creepypasta About An Arcade's Secret Terrors

Back in the day, arcades were no strangers to all sort of BS myths about the cabinets and the games they housed. In this internet tall tale, one of those myths is true — and it's the stuff of nightmares.

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights has uploaded a great creepypasta that you should listen to if you have 17 minutes to spare. It combines the Milgram experiment with video games, and the result is a fantastically produced story about a young man who is invited into a 'secret game room' operated by an arcade's owner. Rumour has it that the room contains all manner of legendary cabinets, from risque games that cannot be displayed in the main area, to unreleased stuff that would make any gamer's mouth water. Naturally, the protagonist wants to check it out. But what he finds there is not at all what he expects:

Or, if you'd prefer to read this tale authored by R.D. Ovenfriend, you can do so here. I'd recommend listening while reading, though — a lot of this is in the great delivery by Jeff Clement (narrator), Jesse Cornett and David Cummings, so you should experience that if possible. (Top photo by Hal Hex [Flickr)]


    Completely spoils the story by mentioning the milgram experiment for anyone who knows it, or follows the link....

    Put in spoiler tags in the hope the reference is removed for future readers!

      Stories spoiled anyway as its ripped off from other sources

    No John, you ARE the arcade!

    And then John was Polybius.

    let me google that for you...

    I was expecting something along the lines of the (terrible) movie "Arcade" or Killer Net but instead it was just a somewhat badly written (Street Fighter has levels?) piece of fiction trying to ham fistedly work in a moral. The idea was good, but the writing let it down.

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