A History Of Bloodborne's Most Compelling Character

Eileen, the hunter of hunters, is arguably the most compelling character in Bloodborne. Her strange accent, her look. Everything. In his latest lore video, VaatiVidya dials in on Eileen and focuses on her story.

And it's an interesting one. Bloodborne lore, like Dark Souls lore, tends to be buried in environmental details and item descriptions, so hearing it all put together like this is great.

It's really well put together, slick and laden with details. It gives me a whole new appreciation for the game's universe. I wondered if Bloodborne was a deep as Dark Souls with its lore. Videos like this are starting to convince me it might be the best of all when it comes to the density of the universe.

Great stuff.


    Cant help but wonder now if someone made a video on her before VaatiVidya, kind of puts me off watching. That video against him worked in making a skeptic out of me sadly :(

      I also became wary of the similarities, but I still think it's rather circumstantial and his reasoning for the similarities is rather sound.
      His work is amazing. That's why I watch it and that's what he should be judged on. Not on circumstantial evidence of copying.

        Yeah, fair point! I just dont watch enough other community vids for this, so its hard to know when someone gets success on the backs of others. Just a thing that bums me out :(

        Last edited 22/07/15 9:22 pm

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