A Let's Play Of Deus Ex With Warren Spector, The Man Who Created It

Deus Ex is arguably the greatest PC game ever made. So how about a Let's Play of it, with Phil Spector, Sheldon Pacotti and Chris Norden — they only made the damn game.

I don't know about you, but I'd kill for more videos like this. Imagine a Let's Play of Super Mario Bros. with Shigeru Miyamoto, or a Let's Play of Dark Souls with Miyazaki?

Seriously, more of this kind of thing please.


    Phil Spector disapproves of this article.


    That theme song. Even just looking at the colour palette of the game sets it off in my head.

    Have you seen Iwata playing balloon trip on game center? Mad skillz!

    A Let's Play with Phil Spector sure would be something, alright.

    I thought I would just have a quick look but ended up watching the entire thing start to finish.

    Such an amazing game.

    Awesome! Wanted to just see the intro and ended up taking in the whole hour.

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