A Side-By-Side Comparison Of Journey On The PS3/PS4

Journey is out on the PS4 and, like many others, I fully intend on replaying it. But just how different is it compared to the PS3 version? Eurogamer put together a really useful comparison video.

The result? It looks... very similar.

Which is to be expected of course — it's not a remake, it's more of a remaster. The fact that the game is free for those who bought it on PS3 makes it matter less.

Still, playing Journey is totally on my to-do list for tonight. Can't wait.


    Wait, how do I get it on PS4 if I've already bought it on PS3?

      Just go to the store and download it (store.playstation.com), or it'll be in your download list on your PS4 store app, as long as you're logged in with the same account that bought it on PS3.

      EDIT: I just checked then, and it shows up on store.playstation.com as "FREE" for me when I click on it, so I just purchase it again (for $0.00) and now it shows up in my download list

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        I didn't buy it from the store I bought it on disc >:

          I'm not sure, but I'd imagine you might be out of luck, as there's no way for Sony to confirm that you actually bought the game, you might have just been borrowing it from a friend.

      It should appear in your library to download. Though they say it may take a couple of days for it to appear due to how the server propagation works.

      This is where I got the info from:

      In the PS store, when you go to the product page, it should just download instead of charging you again.
      Alternatively, you can go to your past downloads list, and find when you downloaded it for PS3, and there should be a download button there instead of 'not compatible' message.

      Same as any other cross buy game - just go into the store and download it.

      Although last night, for some reason, I actually had to "buy" the PS4 version of Journey (price was $0.00) instead of it just automatically appearing on my download list. Same end result, though.

    Meh, the PS4 version isn't much better

      Im guessing the biggest difference will be in the frame rate which you wont be able to differentiate from a compressed youtube video.

      It's a game that didn't even push the graphical limits of the PS3. There's no reason to change how it looks on the PS4.
      Does it look the same? Yes? Mission accomplished!

        Silly Eurogamer wasting people's time

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      Yeah, it sucks. Journey sucks. Because. Let's be negative just because. No, there are no flaws in the game, just bitching about something for no reason.


    Sometimes I wonder why people like you comment when you have so little to say. I mean, it's a PS4 port - what did you expect? If you already had the PS3 version then you get the PS4 version for free, therefore what right does anyone have to moan about it?

    What's with your nVIDIA icon and name, anyway? Some sort of fanboy or something?

    I wonder if after 10-20-30 years this game will be breathtaking as it is now/back then.

    I tried to download this this afternoon but it wants to charge me $18 or so even though I bought it on PS2 from the store about a year ago. Anyone else..?

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