All Of Ace Attorney On One Long Timeline

All Of Ace Attorney On One Long Timeline

Ace Attorney is a series that covers dozens of trials across more than a century in its eight games. But with flashbacks galore, it can be a bit hard to keep track of how everything fits together. So here’s a nice little timeline to make it all come together.

How, you might ask, did this timeline come about when the Ace Attorney games only give a month and day for trial dates? Because there is one exception to this: the DL-6 Incident (from the fourth case of the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) which takes place on December 28, 2001.

From that one date — and from references to when events happen in relation to each other — users at the Ace Attorney Wiki mapped out the entire history of the game’s world. A history which I have taken and have made into the court-case-by-court-case timeline below.

[Click to the right of the picture to proceed to the next chronological event.]


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