Angry Birds 2 Will Be Released This Month

Angry Birds 2 Will Be Released This Month

Never mind that there are already 15 Angry Birds games, Finnish developer Rovio just announced a sequel to Angry Birds. It’s called Angry Birds 2.

To date, Rovio has made 12 games in the main series (including a sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars called, wait for it, Angry Birds Star Wars II) and three spin-offs titles. In total, Rovio has racked up three billion downloads.

Angry Birds 2 is slated to hit app stores worldwide on July 30.


  • They must use the Rockstar naming conventions, given that GTAV is the 14th game in that series :p

    • GTA 6 will be out before Call of Duty 5, or Assassins Creed 5…. or 6…. or whatever they’re up to.

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