Arkham Knight’s Hiding A Fun Easter Egg… In The Future

Arkham Knight’s Hiding A Fun Easter Egg… In The Future

Previous Arkham games rewarded players for booting the game up on certain days, and Arkham Knight retains this clever tradition. By futzing with their PC’s clock, one player has already stumbled upon a great surprise.

If you don’t want to have this easter egg spoiled for you, walk away now!

Do it!

Go away!

Batman Arkham Videos is dedicated to… well, exactly that. So it’s not a huge surprise one of the largest YouTube channels dissecting Rocksteady’s games stumbled upon this already.

Chances are there’s a bunch more of these hidden in Arkham Knight too.

In Arkham City, there was an achievement for visiting with and talking to the villain Calendar Man on a bunch of very specific dates.


  • Yeah, if you could go ahead and tell us what to do and where to go to trigger the easter egg without spoiling it, that’d be great.

    • The no-spoiler version is that something happens when your system date is set to October 31 (Halloween) when a certain precondition has been met. The precondition is hard to describe without giving away the Easter Egg itself:

      You have to have captured the Man-Bat already. If you have, grapple to the top of some buildings on Halloween until something happens. Then go to where he should be imprisoned to finish it off.

  • Yeah, I’m reading this on the bog at work so if you could just write a brief description next time instead of making me watch a video … yeah, that’d be great.

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