Batman: Arkham Knight Won’t Be Fixed On PC Until Spring, Claims Leaked Email

Batman: Arkham Knight Won’t Be Fixed On PC Until Spring, Claims Leaked Email

An internal email sent to EB Games staff members claims that, according to Warner, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will not be fixed until Spring.

EB Games has already removed all PC versions of the game from stores but — as a result of this news — now intends to send all PC copies of the game back to Warner.

“As previously advised,” read an internal EB Games email, “we have stopped sales of Batman: Arkham Knight PC while Warner and Rocksteady work on addressing performance issues with the game. The latest information from Warner is that the updates won’t be available until Spring. Due to this we have made the difficult decision to recall all PC stock from stores to return to the vendor until an acceptable solution is released.”

“Spring” is vague, and refers to Australian spring which is only two months away, but the delay on a fix has been deemed significant enough for EB Games to return all stock back to Warner locally. That in itself, seems telling.

Rocksteady has released a small fix for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, but none of the major performance issues have been addressed. Sales of the game are still suspended on Steam.

We’ve contacted Warner locally, and will update if they respond with an official statement.


      • Valve waged war to gather followers and wealth. Blizzard built an empire from its lust for money and subscriber figures. Satoru Iwata shaped a battered Nintendo into an entertainment superpower.

        But war never changes.

  • This port must really be a mess! At least this gives me some time to finish witcher 3…

  • They could’ve sent my batmobile edition back to be fixed instead of cancelling it completely

    • I wanted the Batmobile edition… I got the memorial statue edition but the craftmanship is really not up to par with the usual statue editions’ quality such as the statues that were made for Titanfall, Halo Reach, AC 4: Black Flag (even AC 3: Connor Is An Unlikable Prick), Bioshock: Infinite, etc.

    • Does anyone actually know what was so wrong with the Batmobile Edition that they couldn’t sell it? I don’t remember either Rocksteady or WB Games being to specific.

      • As @geth said, the Batman statue they put out with the other special edition wasn’t up to par with other statues so I reckon in their (Warner Bros) haste in picking the lowest bidder to produce them, they neglected to check if they would do a decent job of it or not. The Batmobile was supposed to be a fully transformable statue so I reckon they promised more than they could handle just to get the job. You get what you pay for Warner Bros and that means I don’t don’t for Arkham Knight, no matter how much I was looking forward to it

  • Well if it’s true, at least it sounds like they’re actually going to try and fix the thing properly instead of just shatting out a patch that sorta, kind of addresses some of the bigger problems but not really. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out they are basically reworking the PC port from the ground up, given how utterly broken it is.

    I mean jeez, talk about your massive cock ups. My guess is that Warner hand balled the PC Port out to Iron Galaxy because it was cheaper (and possibly faster) than having Rocksteady do it themselves like Asylum and City. One would hope that a) Warner Bros is paying far more in additional development costs now and b) they won’t try to pull this sh*t in future as a result.

    • It could have been like the Sega – Gearbox – Timegate scenario, where Rocksteady was responsible for all versions but palmed off the PC duties to Iron Galaxy. I think it would be unusual for it to come from WB’s end since Iron Galaxy would need a lot of assistance from Rocksteady in terms of assets. I could be wrong though.

  • I hate it when companies use seasons as a time frame. I mean right now, ‘Spring’ can mean an ETA of anything from 2 months to 5 months. Only 2 months away, that’s great right? Except that it usually would end up being closer to the far end of the season and they’re just using it to make the time sound better than it actually is.

    • I would actually much prefer a timeframe that says, “2-5 months from now.”

      “Seriously? How can there be such a huge variation?”
      “That’ll really depend on whether the final update we have planned in two months from now conflicts with what we’re doing right now and costs us another month.”
      “That’s insane.”
      “Welcome to programming.”

      • And at the end of the day, the entire thing will be because someone used an O instead of a 0…

  • Just in time for the fourth quarter, Christmas, end of year, games release season… Hand in hand with the Windows 10 release.
    How convenient.

    • Hmm? Windows 10 is coming out in 2 weeks, Christmas is 5 and a half months away.

  • While I appreciate the effort that they’re putting into getting this right, I would have preferred them to get it right in the first place.

    The really frustrating part for me is that everyone else has already played it and I’m pretty sure I’ve already had the story spoiled for me, despite trying really hard to avoid it.

  • I normally don’t like EB… but this is a good thing. they have huge clout and if they are basically telling the publishers “No F you” then this is only a good thing and hopefully it opens the eyes of other publishers to stop releasing shit as well.

    • The publisher is solely responsible for pushing the release date on clearly incomplete software. From experience working in developer-publisher environments, these kinds of problems almost always go like this:

      Publisher: Send the game to the manufacturers, we’re publishing now.
      Developer: We really shouldn’t, it’s not finished yet.
      Publisher: But we are, so deal with it. You can fix any left over issues with a day one patch.
      Developer: Please, please listen to us when we tell you it’s not ready to go out yet.
      Publisher: Don’t care, it has to go out now to fit with our carefully constructed marketing and release plan.

      (Game is released, criticised for being unfinished)

      Publisher: Don’t worry gamers, we hear you. It’s a real shame that Developer has made such an unfinished game for you loyal fans but rest assured they take full responsibility and we have them working in the coal mines day and night without pay to fix their egregious error.
      Publisher: (dives into giant pit of money, gives no shits)

      (3 months later)

      Developer: Well, we worked our arses off with no overtime pay to cover the fact you pushed the release date when the game wasn’t ready. Pretty sure we’ve earned some brownie points with you guys, can we talk about starting our next project so we can keep being employed?
      Publisher: Oh, you guys? Yeah, there was a lot of fallout about your last game and how it wasn’t up to scratch, so we’re going to a different developer and shutting down your studio.

  • how about the RIDICULOUS $60AU price tag on a the season pass with no option to buy DLC individually. What a bloody joke! OH AND! notice there is already DLC available for a cat woman part of the game. Surely this was ready to ship with the original game, which I’ve paid for, but no. They want me to pay for more again. DLC will be the death of me. Its not like games are actually well made these days. They want more money for S#@! products. rant over

  • When I heard about the complete cancellation, my first thought was, “Warner Brothers, why do you hate money?”

  • And this is why I don’t preorder things (Except for that Fallout 4 preorder…)

  • Thats why I got the copy on PS4 its not too bad but there are some parts that lag on the PS4 version it has to be the shittest ever.

  • That’s really a piece of Sad news for Gamers like me. Been waiting for this from long time. PC version is more Worthy when compared to PS4, It bit lags in PS4….. Any other possibility Fix it in Windows 10. Urgently Should Find How to Get Help in Windows 10, If Then help any ?

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