Batman: Arkham Knight’s Secret Intro Is Great

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Secret Intro Is Great

Fun fact: Batman: Arkham Knight actually has more than one introduction sequence. There’s the one you see normally. And there’s the one that can only trigger under certain special conditions.

Reader Brandon tipped me off to a special intro within Batman: Arkham Knight, and it’s actually super cool. You can view it here, courtesy of Dtoxz324. Headphone warning — things get loud for a few seconds:

So here’s what happens (skip to the 3:50 mark if you want to get to the meat of it). NORMALLY, the game starts with you burning the Joker’s body. Any button you press at the start intensifies the flames. But if you start a new game plus, you instead get an intro where the Joker comes alive, screams, and says “this is how it happened. This is how the Joker died.” Neat, huh? And thematically consistent with what the rest of the game is about, but I won’t spoil those details for those of you that haven’t gotten far enough in yet.

Here’s the normal intro via IGN, for comparison’s sake:

Right now, it looks like the alternate intro is only possible for people who have beaten the game at least once. The reader who told me about it only found it after going into new game plus, and I had someone else who has beaten the game confirm that this happens in new game plus. I on the other hand have not been able to trigger it, and I haven’t beaten the game. UPDATE: Readers tell me this happens if you start a new game, period.

My favourite part about all of this is that the secret intro almost acts like a jumpscare:

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Secret Intro Is Great

Damn, Joker. You got me good.


  • Sweet only if they had an intro were the game actually worked… Yes I’m salty.

  • I didn’t get the alternate opening when I just started a new game. I wonder if it’s randomized then.

  • Oh the jump scares in this game. I’m sure those who have played know what I’m talking about, but I thought it was cool how..
    after first having that jump scare from Man-Bat, then later on in the game grappling up again as usual, and its the Joker mimicing the Man-Bat jump scare, and he goes on to say how could you get scared of the Man-Bat when you’re Batman or something along those lines.
    I love these little touches. The game feels like its full of little secrets.

    • Oh jeez, I was damn near hyper-ventilating when that happened; in a horror game, you’d expect jump scares, but not in a damn Batman game! Also, the “Bat-statues” bit. You KNOW what’s gonna happen, but it still got me……

    • The way the joker worked throughout the game was great- how he’d appear in vents as you climbed around, and the bit where you blow up the first penguin vault where you lock him in then he appears on the outside. Helps that every one of Hamill’s line deliveries is fantastic.

      • I like how you can try and ignore him and move along but he’s around the next corner still talking to you.

  • I started New Game+, I was almost expecting this the first time around, glad it happens in the New Game +. I hope there is an extended ending for New Game+ also, I want more of that full Knightfall ending.

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