Bethesda Just Announced The Fallout Anthology

Briefly: Bethesda just announced the Fallout Anthology. It's a PC-only collection of every Fallout game that comes in a container that looks like a mini-nuke. It will be out at the end of September. War never changes, but buying old games does, apparently.


    I actually already own all these thanks to GoG.

    It's funny, because I'm the worst at PC gaming XD
    It's like a strange impediment! XD XD

    I wonder how much this is going to go for, wouldn't mind that in my shelf of things

      On another site it was listed as $49.99. This was an american site though so if that sticks maybe we will be lucky with $90

        which, for all those games, seems pretty reasonable if you don't have them all already.

          Fairly reasonable. Though you could get the games on sale for about half of that. Neat bundle though.

            Yeah but you don't get the Nuke

              I don't want the Nuke. It'll just gather dust and waste space. :P

      a quick check and Eb has it on their website for $99.95.

      $99.95 at EB Games. They seemed to be the only retailer with it for pre-order but not claiming it to be exclusive to them. So hopefully JB will get it as well then.

        EB are always super fast in getting it up on the wesbite once something is announced.

          Yeah, they probably knew about it 24 hours in advance or something and had everything ready to go once Bethesda dropped it at Quakecon.

    Forgive me, but it seems a little disingenuous to release an anthology, of all the games in the Fallout series, right as a new Fallout game is coming out, when it won't be included in said anthology.

    EDIT: With extra space for Fallout 4 and at only US$50 I could easily see the value in this.

    Last edited 24/07/15 8:35 am

      It has space to put Fallout 4 in

        Was just about to edit my comment after reading about that on Arstechnica. That's much better.

    Where can we preorder the Anthology in Australia?

    Just waiting on whether this will be available outside North America now. The Elder Scrolls Anthology was, but maybe they'll have more difficulty exporting stuff shaped like a nuke through customs

    Edit, have now ordered mine :)

    Last edited 24/07/15 10:15 am

      it's confirmed for Australia, if I remember right the release date for AUS is October

    They should focus back on producing more bobble heads. I NEED TO COLLECT THEM ALL!

    Last edited 24/07/15 9:08 am

    I really can't help myself. I just had to pre-order it despite owning all the games already :| Also since I have paid off my Pip Boy edition on PC, I also wanted the Nuke version on PS4, so hoorah more cool Fallout shit for my shelf!

    I paid maybe $20 to $30 max thanks to Steam sales.

    Oh hell. Between this, some clothes, the eight Pop Vinyls and the Pip-Boy Edition.. I'm in euphoric, Fallout heaven.

    Just wish my brother was still around to enjoy it, too.

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